Hard Facts (and Meghan)

Hard Facts (and Meghan)

nWhile the past few weeks have mainly dealt with lighter topics – sports, nonsense, the vague – at this point, we want to tackle the hard facts again today. And you can find them on the Science Alert website, for example, www.sciencealert.com, on which carefully curated news and interesting facts, mainly from the field of natural sciences.

The website is updated several times a day and is dedicated to various categories – “sections” accessible directly from the navigation point: from space to health to physics and technology. This is by no means a monotonous game of press releases or potentially questionable pre-prints. Rather, independent, well-researched texts are offered. And Eleven’s editorial team is expert – the team includes journalists and scientists.

The site is financed exclusively through banner advertising. Although it looks like an article in its presentation, it is manifested by advertising notices and mainly mundane content (“How does Meghan Markle look without makeup”). Of course, the editorial team categorically rejects any editorial influence from advertisers. If you prefer, you can use the “Trending” button to call the most read messages and the “Latest” button to call the latest messages. The only drawback: the contribution is written in English. The only ad is in German.

Now our puzzle: Find a Google search query that has the first search result associated with a science alert. The query must contain exactly two words in which neither the letter “N” nor the letter “T” appears. Please send your proposed solution to [email protected] The last date for entries is November 17, 2021, at 9 PM. In the previous week, a “carnival of animals” would have been the correct solution, with the winner being notified in writing.

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