Harry and Meghan: Your Employees Unpack in California – Royals

Harry and Meghan: Your Employees Unpack in California - Royals

Meghan (40) and Harry (37) left the scorched earth at the British Palace. Even before Megaxit broke up with the royal family, several important employees left the service. Meghan is said to have abused and yelled at the staff. In addition, she inspired employees to resign from their diva behavior.

megan and harry These allegations were dismissed as a smear campaign by the palace against him, but the allegations remain and are now filled with new statements as well. Because now the employees at their newly adopted home in Montecito, Calif., have spoken out and claim that both are very obnoxious owners!

In the American magazine “Star”, an insider broke down the nitty-gritty and claimed: “Small talk or eye contact with gentlemen is forbidden as an employee. You should not contact them unless they contact you first.” not allowed to.” Meghan will be the one who will manage everything down to the last detail, while Harry doesn’t clean up behind her, leaving bitten sandwiches and dirty dishes behind. “You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to go back and work for them,” said a former employee.

Meghan and Harry are also cautious about their own security, with cell phones and laptops banned for staff at the $14 million villa, with them being searched at the gate every time they start work. In addition, cameras are installed everywhere in and around the house.

Meghan enjoys tea at her $14 million Montecito mansionPhoto: Archive/TNI Press Ltd.

According to the insider, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry also spend a lot of money on background checks of their potential employees. “They want to know everything. Details about your family – up to the grandparents! – personal relationships, what kind of city you come from, how you spend your money. If you have too many credit cards, So you will not get the job,” claims a source.

But the drama really starts when you are offered the job. According to a former employee, even the smallest mistake should be scolded. “If you forget to put the cap back on the pen, you will be reprimanded,” the former employee told Star magazine.

Prince Harry doesn't clean up and Meghan manages everything to the smallest detail?  At least former employees see it that way

Prince Harry doesn’t clean up and Meghan manages everything to the smallest detail? At least former employees see it that wayPhoto: WireImage

And insiders don’t even give up on Meghan having fine hair. “In the kitchen cupboard the cups have to be stacked a certain distance and everything is sorted by color. If something is wrong, she pounces on you,” says a former employee.

It is said that the Duchess should not stop in dirty games either. sO mother of Archie (2) and Lilibet (nine months) Tests its intelligence and knowledge of its employees by asking difficult questions and humiliating them when they do not know the answers. “They are the worst people in the world to work for,” sums up one insider.

Very juicy allegations that Meghan and Harry would definitely deny and would certainly have completely different interpretations of certain situations. However, the fact that the two are not as perfect as they always seem, often leaks out. For example, when her microphone was accidentally turned on during a shoot and an argument was heard between the two, or when Meghan claimed in court that she didn’t remember some emails that her former foreign secretary had submitted .

Even with Meghan and Harry, not everything that glitters is gold…

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