#heiseshow: Why the James Webb Space Telescope Stands Up for Good Prospects

#heiseshow: Why the James Webb Space Telescope Stands Up for Good Prospects

The James Webb Space Telescope is a ray of hope for people on a troubled Earth. In the positive moments of 2022 was the release of the first images. The space telescope enables insight into the depths of expansion previously unattainable in the universe. At the same time, the impacts of microscopic meteorites also showed what adversities the scientific instrument is exposed to at its exposed location. In HiShow we talk, among other things, about the first images and what sets them apart from the Hubble Space Telescope.

What do scientists expect for the near future from space telescopes? How did this happen and how big were the challenges in the beginning? How long can a telescope do its job and what are the dangers of replacing it? What does the daily life of a telescope look like after the first pictures? Are there failures and unfulfilled hopes? And what prospects do the interested public have for further recordings of the telescope and a look at the research results?

Malte Kirchner (@maltekir) with Martin Holland (@fingolas) in the new episode of #heiseshow from Heise Online, 12 noon.

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