Holoride announces virtual reality in-car entertainment platform for Audi

Holoride announces virtual reality in-car entertainment platform for Audi

holoride, the leader in expanded reality in-car entertainment, today announced the release of its new in-car entertainment platform for Germany and the United States. The Pioneers Pack, which will be available exclusively for new Audi vehicles starting November 2, 2022, combines car travel with an exciting high-end VR experience. Passengers using the included HTC VIVE Flow headset are transported into a virtual experience that brings to life entirely new gaming, entertainment and wellness content using real-time vehicle data. Holoride calls this completely new type of media use “elastic material.”

Holoride combines the immersive qualities of expanded reality with real-time data, creating a virtual space that is always in motion – the motorverse. Thus passengers can enjoy interactive and passive content that responds to both itself and the motion of the vehicle. This combination enables developers to create elastic and dynamic content that immerses users in a multi-sensory experience that rivals the best theme parks in the world.

“Despite the great advances that automotive technology has made over the past few decades, the experience and entertainment options for commuters have been limited,” says Nils Wolny, CEO and co-founder of Holoride. “With the launch of Holoride, we are not only revamping this old experience, we are introducing a whole new way for developers everywhere to play, storytell, interact and experience. We are excited to see this happen. It’s what they make of it.”

Fabian Knepenbach, Director of Product Marketing, HTC EMEA, says: “By combining Holoride technology with the lightweight and immersive HTC Vive Flow, in-car entertainment reaches a whole new dimension. By allowing passengers to immerse themselves in games and other content, Each car trip can be easily adapted. That way, boredom is guaranteed.”

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With the launch, Holoride users can immerse themselves in the adventures of Cloudbreakers: Leaving Heaven. The game is produced by Superconductor, a creative agency founded by Hollywood genius Justin Lin (Fast and Furious franchise) and Anthony and Joe Russo (Marvel Cinematic Universe). He also supported the project as a creative consultant. Taking advantage of the platform’s dynamic content, players fight enemy forces led by a tyrannical AI, while simultaneously making their way toward their goals.

Holoride not only provides new adventure to the travelers, but also can prevent travel related illness. It uses the technology to do this by using the vehicle’s steering, braking and acceleration data to match passengers with near-zero latency, outside of VR visible on the headset.

With the so-called Pioneers Pack, Holoride provides everything you need to get started on the new platform. This package will be available from November 2, 2022 for 699 euros shop.holoride.com Available and includes the following:

  • HTC Vive Flow: A lightweight and easy-to-use immersive VR headset that powers Holoride’s entertainment service
  • 8BitDo Pro 2 Gamepad: A Classically Designed Controller That Delivers a Familiar User Experience
  • Seat Belt: A strap that attaches to the seat belt and provides safety in the event of a force majeure while driving

Holoride offers monthly (EUR 19.99) and annual subscriptions (EUR 180, EUR 14.99 monthly). Both provide access to an ever-growing media catalog, with new content being added every six to eight weeks. In addition to Cloudbreakers, subscribers can also access games, educational entertainment (“edutainment”) and mindfulness apps, as well as productivity tools coming soon. Additionally, features like phone mirroring and the powerful Holoride browser allow riders to stream media, surf the web, and stay connected to the outside world without leaving the motorway.

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To access the content, passengers need a Pioneer Pack, a Holoride subscription and a Holoride-enabled Audi vehicle (A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q5, Q7, Q8, Audi E- Tron, e-tron Sportback and e-tron GT).

With the integration of the Pioneer Pack into Audi vehicles, Holoride continues the common history with the German premium carmaker. Since 2019, both Audi and Holoride have presented their ongoing partnerships at various occasions including CES 2019, IAA Mobility 2021 and SXSW 2022, where the vehicle integration of Holoride with Audi was officially announced.

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