Hungary: Budapest angers Orban’s government with China-important street names

Hungary: Budapest angers Orban's government with China-important street names

Uyghur Martyrs’ Street, Free Hong Kong Street or Dalai Lama Street – these new names for the streets were given by the administration of the Hungarian capital Budapest. A spokesman for the Hungarian government immediately described it as a “joke” and “provocation”.

Because the roads in the underdeveloped area lead to the property that the right-wing nationalists rule Victor Orbano Chinese wants to build a branch of Fudan University (read more hereShanghai University is regarded as a global elite university, but is also under the control of the Chinese Communist Party. As of now it does not have any branches in Europe.

Budapest Mayor Gergeli Karakoni and District Mayor Krzysztina Barani inaugurated newly built road signs in the south of the city on Wednesday.

The opposition, which has been leading the Budapest city council since 2019, rejects the construction of the Fudan branch. According to a recent survey, 66 percent are also Hungary On the other hand. The Hungarian state would assume a construction cost of approximately 1.5 billion euros, while the university would be under the political control of the People’s Republic of China. Orban repeatedly pushed Beijing until recently, and his country vetoed EU resolutions for Beijing.

Critics fear that Beijing will have an impact on academic life in Hungary and beyond, through a well-funded Fudan University in Budapest. In addition, the Institute of Higher Education is being built on an attractive site on the banks of the Danube, which was originally intended for the construction of inexpensive homes for Hungarian students. ┬╗Student City┬ź To be farther away danube get up.

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