“I Think It’s Too Sexy If…”: This Is the New “Prince Charming”

"I Think It's Too Sexy If...": This Is the New "Prince Charming"

“I find it so sexy when…”
This is the new Prince Charming

“Bachelorette” and “Princess Charming” are currently looking for a lot of love on RTL or RTL+. So now it’s time for a man to get his chance again. So now the new “Prince Charming” is in the starting block. His name: Fabian Fuchs.

summer is here. And if you don’t have spring fever yet, you really can’t help it. So RTL is currently dating on TV and streaming on RTL+, for what it’s worth. For example, “Bachelorette” Sharon Batiste is currently on the hunt for the man of her dreams, as is “Princess Charming” Hannah Sockland for the right woman by her side.

Will he find his Mr. Big on “Prince Charming”?

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But beware! The next dating format is already casting its shadow again. “Prince Charming” will debut its fourth season on RTL+ in autumn, And who, after Nicholas Pushman, Alexander Schaefer, and Kim Trunca, will imitate the heartbreaker of about 20 single men this time around, is already certain: Fabian Fuchs.

The 33-year-old lives in Berlin and works under the management of an Internet company. The fact that he has to travel to the Greek island of Rhodes to film “Prince Charming” certainly doesn’t bother him. After all, the thirst for adventure is one of his hobbies. It is said that he has already visited more than 30 countries across six continents.

“lust for life”

“I have a lot of energy and zest for life. In a relationship, I’m looking for someone I can steal horses with,” Fuchs explains of his claim. And he adds: “Anyone who brings humor and a little lightness can score well with me. I also find it very sexy when men pursue ambitious goals in life. Sportiness is also a factor in joint activities.” Big plus.”

His role as the chicken in the basket on the show deserves respect, as “Prince Charming” admits: “Because it means judging many men and still making the right decisions in the end. It’s a big deal.” Brings it next to responsibility. Comes with a lot of emotions too.”

all with the same goal

Maybe the format is the perfect way for Fuchs to get to know a mate. When it comes to online dating, “we just don’t manage to make a connection out of it,” he explains at the end. “On the other hand, I come across great men in real life who just want to be non-compulsive, though I can imagine more. What appeals to me about the show is that it’s all about men. There is only one goal of finding love and one definite openness to it.”

With his participation, he also seeks to set an example, emphasizes Fuchs: “Especially in a society shaped by heterogeneous principles, it is important to provide information and show that queer people deserve love just like everyone else.” The target group of Talaash Ke Hai. Hence also the show ‘Hetero Community’, one must see that the themes of love are always the same – no matter who loves whom.”

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