“Let’s Dance” Star Ona Natchiti: Joachim Lambic Criticized

"Let's Dance" Star Ona Natchiti: Joachim Lambic Criticized

Dancer Ona Natchiti and her partner Erich Klan are perhaps among the most important audiences of “Let’s Dance”. Now they are targeting juror Joachim Lambi.

If professional dancers Ona Nechiti (34) and Erich Klan (34) in their podcast “Tanj oder nich” RTL show”let’s Dance“Comment, both do not take their point of view wrong. Now they have become Chief Justice Joachim Lambi (57) raised his voice. Ona and Erich did not like his behavior at the third show on March 11.

In the video interview above, Ona Nechitti spoke exclusively to us about her pregnancy, her son, and of course, “Let’s Dance.”

“Let’s Dance” by Nina Bezubova – Joachim Lambi does not budge

It is well known that the chief justice of “Let’s Dance” gets critical words when it comes to celebrities on the show. But the fact that he did not react at all to the dances of professional dancers Nina Bezubova and Evgeny Vinokurov (31) was not understood by Ona and Nechiti. Evgeny with model Cheyenne Ochsenknecht (21) not in the third round of the show did, this time together can with my wife Show Nina a hot samba performance. And while this jury member motsi mabuse (40) and Jorge Gonzalez (54), who enthusiastically cheered the dance, did not rest on the chairs, Joachim Llumby, who barely made a face, just sat down.

Such behavior is not possible, says Ona, who said in the podcast: “I remember Joachim, who had just got up to dance sport. Nina is not just someone, she’s just a huge name in the dance sport world.” (…) She plays in the top league. It’s a league like Messi and Ronaldo. Very easy. And that you didn’t even clap.”

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Erich Klan also criticizes Joachim Lambi’s behavior

Erich Klan can only agree with his partner and says: “She is a man who has achieved more on ‘Let’s Dance’ than all the other professional dancers and all the jury members”. It’s a question of decency, “As someone who stands up for a game of dance, get up there, clap and say: ‘Thanks for being there. Thanks Nina.'”

This is also the opinion of Ona, who gets really indignant and says: “In my opinion, this is not game behavior, Chief Justice or not.” It is possible that Joachim Lambi’s behavior had something to do with Evgeny’s remarks when he was kicked out. Professional dancer Cheyenne was disappointed by the judges’ comments on Ochsenknecht and Thought reviews were “silly”, On Friday’s show, he reiterated: “He did a great job, you got him completely wrong.”

Amira Pochar also criticizes “Let’s Dance”. You can learn more about this in the video.
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