Ice hockey: SC Risserie celebrates first win of the season

SCR player Lukas Koziol (left) is delighted with the shooting match against Landsberg with Sam Verelst and Alexander Holler (right).
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of: Patrick Hilms

There was a good laugh that evening: Lukas Koziol (left) is happy with Sam Verelst and Alexander Holler (right) about Schutzenfest against Landsberg. © Oliver Rabuser

After a leisurely start, SC Reisserie overtook Landsberg. Finally, SCR celebrate their first win of the season against Landsberger in the Oberliga Süd, who were completely overwhelmed at the end – 8:1.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Before the home game against HC Landsberg on Friday evening, SC Risserie’s goal was: to stave off two bankruptcies at the start of the season. It was excellent as SCR found their game after a comfortable start and the opponent was grateful that evening. Risser was able to celebrate a clear victory of 8:1.

it should be soon

From the start, the row was fun, but not 1-0, with Kevin Slezak, Robin Soudek and Lubor Dibelka. But he immediately showed how it fared against a deep and compact Landsberger: sharp and straight. Tobias Kircher and Simon Meyer tried to do the same, but Christopher Chezovsky’s goalkeeper pushed the Landsberg goalkeeper over the net of his own. When things went fast for the third time, it was 1-0 for the hosts. Overtaking, Riker delivered a sharp pass through the opponent’s legs to Alexander Holler to Killins, who dropped it straight to Luca Allavena in the box.

Now everyone at the Olympic Ice Sports Center saw exactly how Landsberg was to be cracked, but also HC himself. He then tightened the defense network even more and SCR got no more gaps but played very well in the second third as well.

Problems first, then node explodes at SCR

But as soon as the momentum moved from behind again, the gap opened up again. Holler stood in the way of Lukas Koziol, who remained cool in front of goal – 2:0. After a while, Uli Maurer probably thought to himself: I may not be good on target, but I have a clear shot. Reduced, Holler keeps the bat clean, 3:0. initial decision? Reiser thought, they were not paying attention for a moment, when Adriano Carciola was already up and away and short for Landsberg. The comfortable three-goal lead was quickly restored, however, as the visitors on the other side completely lost sight of Jan-Nikas Pietsch. But not Schlejk, who served Pietsch and the SCR defender had plenty of time to make it 4-1 for Risseri.

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Eight different riser goal scorers

Significant losses before the last third: You should really expect the guests to walk away with a storm. But this did not happen. The Landsbergers, on the other hand, stood their line and defended against man and mouse. Worked pretty well till six and a half minutes before the end. But then – how could it be otherwise this evening – Pietsch ignited the turbo on the flank and saw Maurer in the middle. The fans were still celebrating 5:1 in the stands, when it was already 6:1, this time with Slezak being the executioner. Now the resistance of the guests was completely broken and the people of Garmisch-Partenkirch still wanted more. Goal number seven with the help of an ice skate from his opponent – Chezovsky, went to Soudek at number eight. Then the last mermaid took pity on the guests and rescued them with her voice. At the same time, she ended up having a demonstration of the riser that made you want more. Things started off at a leisurely pace, which of course was also due to the unsuccessful start to the season. “But then we improved minute by minute,” insisted assistant coach Anton Raubal at the press conference. The offensive was able to shine that evening – scoring eight different goals – the defense, which had been weak in the first two games (eleven goals conceded), was steady. But to be fair, one has to say that the weak Landsberger wasn’t really a challenge for the defense that evening.

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In the end, Raubal was able to pacify head coach Pat Cortina, who was in Canada. “Pat, you don’t have to worry, we have everything under control here.”

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