The MS experiment in Stuttgart: a ship for researchers large and small – Stuttgart

The MS experiment in Stuttgart: a ship for researchers large and small - Stuttgart

from Julia Schenkenhofer

Ouch! This is me? The first visitors on board are already attending.

Photo: Lichtgut // Ferdinando Ianone

MS Experimenta has been anchored in Bad Cannstatt since Thursday. He has a lot of experiments – from the fields of technology and science – on board to participate in.

from Julia Schenkenhofer

November 5, 2021 – 4:19 PM

Stuttgart – Visitors’ eyes already light up at the opening dusk when they have to try to bring a laser beam through a maze with the help of a mirror or to stack water in a test tube. All this is possible on MS Experimenta, which lives up to its name with many practical experiments on board. “Education is important to us. Everything we do, we want to impart knowledge, but in an entertaining way,” says Barbel Rainer, head of communications and administration, explaining the concept of the ship, and also, Experimenta at Heilbronn. The target group for the ship which has been sailing through Germany since 4 July and anchored in the Berger Steg on Cannstatter Wassen since Thursday, are actually family. For Barbell Rainer and his team, everyone “ages 3 to 103” should get their money’s worth here.

Three regions invite you to participate

To attract as many visitors as possible, the stations are divided into three worlds, as at the Science Center Experimenta in Heilbronn. In the world of research, for example, visitors might see water piles up or paper lilies swaying in the water as if by magic. Of course, there is always a scientific explanation for the experiments of the visitor service staff traveling with them. Everything in the world of discovery is under the motto “You are the science”. Here visitors can find out how people age or how many visitors look like them. And finally, in the adventure world, not only is the inflatable mini dome available, but there are also many experiments that will make many adults think in the early evening. Rainer promises “a map of every type of knowledge transfer” and that there is something for everyone to cater for the guests.

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Hobby researchers from Stuttgart can see it for themselves until November 10th. This is how long MS Experimenta is anchored in the Berger Steg and gives visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves free of charge in the world of science from 1 pm to 7 pm every day after booking tickets online and providing 3G proofs provides. Ticket booking here: enk

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