Insanely Fast: Remake Navara – E-bolide with the Values ​​of Dreams

Insanely Fast: Remake Navara - E-bolide with the Values ​​of Dreams

insanely fast
Remake Navera – E-bolide with the Values ​​of Dreams

When the Concept_Two study was presented, Croatian sports car maker Rimac surprised everyone with surprising prices for an electric sports car. Now Porsche’s development partner has confirmed what’s said to be the production version with the Navara and is offering an E-Boloid with a rated output of 1914 hp.

Croatian sports car maker and Porsche development partner Rimac has now unveiled the production version of the Concept_Two introduced in 2018. Navera differs from study only in details. Above all, the aerodynamics were fine-tuned, which should ensure greater efficiency, but also more downforce.

The Rimac Navara has four engines churning out over 1900 hp.

(Photo: Rimac)

Like the Concept, the Navara is powered by four engines producing a total of 1914 hp and 2360 Nm of maximum torque. This results in a dream time of 1.85 seconds for a sprint to 100 km/h. After an unprecedented 9.3 seconds the tempo drops to 300 and the maximum should be 412 km/h. The H-shaped 120 kWh battery integrated into the carbon chassis acts as a structural component, therefore not only improving the car’s center of gravity, but also ensuring increased torsional rigidity, which is extremely important, Especially when cornering at high speeds.

550 km range

Not only does the battery provide the energy for addictive racetrack values, it also promises a range of up to 550 kms. So that downtime doesn’t get out of hand at charging stations, Croatians specify charging power with a maximum of 500 kW. However, finding a charging station with this capability should be very difficult at the moment.


On the interiors of the Nivera, the Rimac tries to strike a balance between uncompromising sportiness and plenty of comfort.

(Photo: Rimac)

One motor is used per wheel, which should allow for dynamic torque vectoring. The steer-by-wire system also eliminates the effect of drive on the steering. Electrically adjustable dampers and large carbon-ceramic brakes ensure even better control. The driver can choose between different driving programs such as Sport, Track, Drift or Comfort.

Persona for 2 million euros

In this regard, the Navara should be a comfortable long-distance vehicle on the one hand, and a fun machine for the racetrack on the other. As for the interiors, Rimac offers three interiors: Timeless, Signature and GT. The first images of the interior show a large, leather-covered and heavily digitized workplace that has been designed to be sporty as well as comfortable.

To accommodate the personalities of its customers, Rimake offers several options for the individual design of the 2 million euro athlete. Accordingly, each e-bid, which is limited to 150 copies, must be truly unique.

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