Inside like an IX: BMW refreshes the 3 Series

Inside like an IX: BMW refreshes the 3 Series

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BMW refreshes the 3 Series

BMW has polished threesomes for the second half of their lives. In the middle class models Bavarians do without a large radiator grille. But many innovations have found their way into the interior of the popular compact.

With a refreshed design but without the enlarged kidney, the BMW 3 Series enters the second half of its life. When it came to the facelift, the Munich company decided not to introduce the polarizing massive radiator grille, which is familiar to other new models from the brand. Instead, there are subtle modifications to the front and rear of the sedan and station wagon, narrower headlights and new paint options.

The rear lights of the BMW 3 Series have become narrower, as are the front headlights.

(Photo: BMW)

More changes can be found in the interior, where a concave “curved” display from the e-SUV IX is now available on request, running the latest generation of BMW infotainment software. The classic automatic selector lever has been removed, and instead there’s a small switch in the center console. In addition, BMW has expanded the equipment, such as the three-zone air conditioning system that is now standard.

no change in engine

No changes have been made to the engine program. There is also a choice of four- and six-cylinder diesel and petrol engines, covering power from 150 hp to 374 hp. As before, the 48-volt mild hybrid system should ensure low consumption, and there are also two plug-in hybrids to choose from.


The BMW 3 Series has adopted the new interiors from the IX model.

(Photo: BMW)

Most important innovation: All engine variants are now paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission as standard, which is no longer available with the six-speed manual transmission previously introduced for the base model.

Prices for the raised mid-range model start at 43,900 euros for the 318i as a sedan. Touring is available from 45,000 euros. Compared to previous models, this corresponds to a surcharge of about 4600 euros.

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