Instagram clarifies: Location is not shared with other users


Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has denied claims that the Instagram app is recording location data. In addition, the location is not shared with followers who are looking for the exact location. The starting point of the controversy was the post linked below. The post quickly went viral, claiming that a “recent iOS update” meant “people can now find your exact location through Instagram.” As a result, various users of the app revoked their location access permissions.

Company’s official PR channel Instagram’s com also reacted quickly and clarified what guidelines Instagram follows for location data.

Mosseri further explains that the Instagram app supports location features, but it does not link a user’s location to other people. However, the original post never mentioned whether the mentioned location function actually came from Instagram. That only refers to the “current iOS update”, without going into detail.

If you are unsure how to use the Instagram app, you can deactivate location access at any time in your cell phone’s app settings. Both iOS and Android also offer the option to share an approximate location instead of an exact location. Both operating systems can also record history logs of which apps have accessed location data.

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