iPhone 13 Pro Max dummy should show new notches and bigger cameras

iPhone 13 Pro Max dummy should show new notches and bigger cameras
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The rumors » Video: iPhone 13 Pro Max dummy to show new rungs and larger cameras

As is well known, the iPhone 13 is expected to have a modified notch: using a video as an example, it is now possible to see again how this modification might look in practice. This dummy not only indicates the design of the new notch, but also the larger cameras.

Apple will probably send an iPhone with a modified notch in the race this year. Apple introduced this iconic design feature about five years ago in the iPhone X with a True Depth camera and Face ID. Since then, hardly a quarter has passed without speculation about a change in the design of the notch.

It should be short, thin or flatter or at least less prominent. Again and again there was speculation in this direction – in vain. Service Now nothing has changed on the rung.

A new video shows what the iPhone 13 might look like with a modified knot.

It is based on a dummy of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which in turn was created using information from Apple’s supply chain. You can make whatever you like about these dummies – some of them were accurate in the past, some were not.

The notch can be at least small and the speaker can move all the way to the edge of the iPhone. We had a previous leak about the alleged run of the iPhone 13 previous message already Frequently reported.

Are cameras getting bigger?

It is also expected that Apple will make the cameras even larger in the iPhone 13 Pro’s main camera setup, which will not necessarily be met with undivided enthusiasm. The lenses are already on a much larger scale and are getting larger over the years. However, camera improvements for ultra-wide-angle cameras such as f / 1.8 aperture, including six instead of five elements and intended to support autofocus for the first time, were discussed earlier. Against this backdrop, even larger cameras would be quite understandable.

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The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max should also be slightly thicker and heavier, it is expected that Apple will use the extra weight and volume for more battery capacity.

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