Iran: Fire at the infamous Avin prison

Iran: Fire at the infamous Avin prison

Status: 10/15/2022 11:11 PM

Avin Prison in Tehran is considered one of the worst prison conditions in Iran. Political prisoners are sitting there, but there have also been some protesters for the past few weeks. It is now said that he got burnt there.

A fire broke out at Avin Prison in Tehran, the capital of Iran. This was reported by the Tehran daily “Sharg” and confirmed by the prison administration. It can be read on social networks that there were also bullets and explosions in the prison. A video of this has not been verified yet.

“At times a loud bang could be heard from the prison,” a “shag” reporter told the messenger service Telegram. “The roads leading to Evin Prison are closed. There can be a smell of tear gas all around the prison. Ambulances and fire engines are moving towards the prison.”

eight people injured

According to Iranian news agency Irna, the prison management said “goons and rioters” started an argument with prison guards and then set fire to the prison’s textile warehouse. Since then the fire brigade has brought the fire under control.

According to an IRNA report, eight people have been injured so far, and there are said to be no deaths. According to the jail administration, the situation in the jail is again under control. It is not yet clear whether the fire was related to the nationwide protests.

Human rights activists criticize the terms

Avin Prison in northern Tehran is considered one of Iran’s worst prison conditions. Human rights groups have long criticized the conditions there. The prison houses many political prisoners, but apparently there are also protesters who have been arrested in recent weeks.

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Former international Hossein Mahini was reportedly held in solitary confinement at Evin Prison in early October after being arrested for expressing solidarity with the rebel women’s movement. According to a media report, he was released from custody on bail equal to 30,000 euros.

It is believed that there were many students brought

Avin prison was also an issue during protests against the political leadership in Iran. “They turned Tehran into a prison and Avin Prison into a university,” apparently said students from Tehran’s famed Sharif University, as can be heard in a video posted online. Several students who were arrested by the security forces during the protests were apparently taken there.

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