U-turn by election: Greenland not for uranium mining

U-turn by election: Greenland not for uranium mining

UBhaga is not only radioactive, it has also triggered a chain reaction in Greenland politics. For years there has been an argument about a mining project to mine the metal: the previous government broke down over it and now it led to the defeat of the social democratic party Cement, long on Greenlandic politics in the early parliamentary constituency Is dominated by. Election.

Matthias Vaissuva

Political correspondent for northern Germany and Scandinavia in Hamburg.

The election campaign was dominated by the uranium mining controversy. As supporters, the Social Democrats had a difficult time with 40,000 qualified voters on the world’s largest island. Instead, the government in the capital Nuuk is likely to lead the left-wing ecological party Inuit Atakatigit (IA), the Inuit community. It got a good 36 percent of the votes, the Social Democrats got 29 percent of the good votes.

The IAA spoke against the mining project south of the island, which was planned and discussed for more than ten years. Apart from uranium, rare earths accumulate there. Above all, the Social Democrats saw the project as an opportunity for the island’s economy, which has been largely dependent on fishing, to generate employment and be more economically independent.

Greenland is largely autonomous, but officially belongs to Denmark and is financially supported by Copenhagen. The IA spoke out against the project unequivocally. He noted concerns about climate policy, as climate change is already leaving a clear mark on the Arctic island. The 34-year-old IAA President Moote Borup Egede on Wednesday thanked the Greenlanders for their faith – and announced on Danish radio that the quarry project would be halted.

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