Gogol Bordello – Solidaritin ::: Review (2022)

Gogol Bordello - Solidaritin ::: Review (2022)
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that gogol bordello with that Solidarity You can tell by looking at the cover. A ship with a heart in the colors of Ukraine consisting of a slingshot with a star. Solidarity There is, of course, Ukrainian for solidarity. And it is not surprising that the album also adapted to the new world situation. Ukrainian writer Serhi Zadan and the band Kazka are allowed to guest-participate on the album. The latter is also allowed to be played on two songs.

A wise man once said that the band’s Gypsy Punk, which has existed since 1999, really only bangs live, but after hearing the latest album I have to strongly disagree. Yes, I agree, the energy of the seven-piece band is usually not transmitted to the sound carrier. But this album really packs a punch.

A few star guests congregate on the album, including H.R., who probably knows everyone from Bad Brains. It evaluates to good pieces end of era Then huge. If Walter Schreifel is already the producer of the disc, he can certainly contribute two guitar parts as well. with outline There is also a Fugazzi cover. army of victory Again a reworking of an old song.

Due to the circumstances, the album tends to be much heavier than the band’s otherwise lively style. Of course he still passes. But there’s just more anger in the room here. However, it seems a bit strange that the lyrics of the song are not printed.

Definitely a big and important album, without question. It impressed me a lot and only a few albums do that.

1. Shot of Solidaritine 04:10
2. Focus Coin 04:32
3. Blueprint 03:01
4. Era of the End of the Age (ft. hr) 04:23
5. I’m coming out 03:36
6. Habit for Life 03:04
7. The Great Hunt of Idiot Sawant 03:26
8. Take Only What You Can Carry (ft Kajka) 02:42
9. My Imaginary Son 03:33
10. Forces of Victory (feat. Serhi Zadan and Kazka) 03:57
11. Fire on Ice Flow 04:50
12. Good Guidance 03:31
13. Huckleberry Generation 02:10

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