Japanese Fans Voted for Top 10 Anime by PA Works – Anime2You

Japanese Fans Voted for Top 10 Anime by PA Works - Anime2You

on japanese website netlab recently got one opinion polls Held where fans could vote for their favorite anime produced at PA Works Studios. Of course, we don’t want to withhold the outcome of the vote from you.

Voted by over 6,000 fans

In this poll that ran from April 7-14, 2022 on Netlab, 6,041 fans from Japan voted for their favourites. The list, which you can see later in this article, shows the ten most popular anime series from studio PA Works.

Drama Series won first place » Nagi no Asukara«After that the Slice of Life series »Shirobako« and drama series »Iroduku: the world in all colors«, in addition to the series “true Tears” With all . first season of » Uma Musoom: Pretty Derby « All titles on this list are available to stream or as DVD and Blu-ray in Germany.

What do you think about the taste of Japanese fans? What do you think is the best PA Works series? Tell us in the comments!

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10. Uma Musoom: Pretty Derby (253 votes)

9. Aquatope on the White Sands (283 votes)

8. Tari Tariq (297 votes)

7. Charlotte (304 votes)

6. True Tears (316 votes)

5. Angel Beats! (468 votes)

4. Hansaku Iroha (586 votes)

3. Iroduku: The World in All Colors (638 votes)

2. Shirobako (896 votes)

1. Nagi no Asukar (1,014 votes)

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