Mark Forster on “The Voice” Favorite: “You’re Doing Everything Wrong!” Entertainment

Mark Forster on "The Voice" Favorite: "You're Doing Everything Wrong!"  Entertainment

Mark Forster on “The Voice” Favorite ,

“You’re doing everything wrong!”

Great voice, great acting…

Among the many strong talents of “The Voice of Germany” one particularly stands out in the field. Switzerland’s Bruno Flusch (26) fought for a place in the semi-finals with the final candidates on Friday evening. His performance is unusual not only for coach Mark Forster (39).

It was already clear to the mentor at Bruno’s blind audition: “You’re the one I see on live shows.”

Bruno impresses both the audience and the jury

Photo: ProSieben/sat.1 / Andre Kowalski

The 26-year-old actually went ahead lap after lap. His song for the sing-offs: “Change Is Gonna Come” by soul legend Otis Redding. Forster on the classic: “It’s a song that sings so painfully of what it means to be suppressed.”

His disciples knew the number very well. During rehearsals, Bruno said: “When I worked on the farm, I shoveled the grass and sang this song.” The candidate’s singing voice also caused guest coach Callum Scott (34) to drop from a stool. “I’m impressed by his talent and freestyle,” said the pop star, shaking his head in disbelief.

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What He Felt: When singing, Bruno rarely makes contact with the audience, mostly with his eyes closed and moving back and forth with his upper body. Really more of a hindrance to performance. So Mark Forster’s response seemed like harsh criticism at first.

Coach: “You have to say: You’re doing everything wrong. You stand funny, you sing funny, you walk funny, you call it funny. Everything is different.” But, the musician found out: “It’s fucking special. It’s special.” No one can sing a song like Bruno.

He made his song classic with wild gestures as well as soul on stage. Even music legend Peter Maffe (73), who sat on one of the chairs for the first time this year, was stunned. Maffay is impressed: “Of all the days here I have never experienced more physical exertion.” To Mark Forster, Bruno is simply a “power of nature.”

Peter Mafe is amazed

Peter Mafe is amazed

Photo: ProSieben/sat.1/Andre Kowalski

But Swiss competitors also did well. Rapper Vincenzo Rindone (36) brought Italo vibes to the third sing-off with “Laura non si”. Vocal talent Ceri Hall-Brady (25) reassured with “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5. In the end, Mark was spoiled for choice, who could only send one of his heroes to the next round.

Forster’s Dilemma: “It’s So Intense How Different You Are. How Should You Decide Between the Two?” He eventually pulled himself together and sent Bruno into the semi-finals.

Presenter Melissa Khalaj (33) joked about her unusual performance: “Whatever you did today – it was definitely right.”

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