NDA for Endgame beta broke in no time

NDA for Endgame beta broke in no time

From Sarah Petzold ,
An existing leak reveals just how low an NDA is for beta testers of Diablo 4: Despite the secrecy, various screenshots and videos of Endgame tests appeared on Reddit within a short span of time. After all, players’ opinions are probably positive.

When game developers invite their community for the first play tests of new AAA titles, these tests are often under an NDA – that is, a non-disclosure agreement. But in the time of social media, it is rapidly losing value, as leaks published time and again show. Diablo 4 is particularly often affected by such really banned publications.

Subreddit bans post that violates NDA

Because just a few weeks ago, nearly 40 minutes of gameplay material appeared on the Internet in which a barbarian could be seen in a test build, several leaks for Diablo 4’s closed Endgame beta are now circulating on Reddit. The Diablo 4 subreddit felt compelled to make a clear announcement to its own community due to the accumulation of posts that violated the NDA:

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Moderator Clouso87 writes that everyone knows the beta has started, but that’s the only thing you can talk about without violating the NDA. Accordingly, all other posts will be removed.

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Diablo 4: Closed Endgame Beta Announcement – Developer Update

Despite this, posts related to Diablo 4 beta are flooding the subreddits. Meanwhile, some fans who have access to the endgame test are trying to express their influence without violating the NDA. What the Diablo community should be happy about: Testers’ opinions have been overwhelmingly positive so far and include praise for the talent trees and capabilities of the individual classes. Plus, we probably won’t have to wait too long before testing Diablo 4 – as we expect the open beta to debut in early 2023.

Source: pc gamer

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