Jenke Von Wilmsdorf Wins “Schlag Den Star” — But You Stole the Show From Celebrities

Jenke Von Wilmsdorf Wins "Schlag Den Star" — But You Stole the Show From Celebrities

Mega-Hype and Italo-Rocker.

Full manpower on Saturday evening for “Schlag Den Star”! Comedian Bullant Ceylan (45) challenges journalist and extreme journalist Janke von Wilmsdorf (55) to a duel.

From the outset, Boulent made it clear who, in his opinion, was wearing the pants: “Dear Jenke, you will fail this experiment. After this duel you will hear the angel singing.”

But Jenke had also decided to make his opponent sweat: “I can finally use my first aid course.”

After a protracted pandemic, the audience was now back in the studio and created a good atmosphere.

But there was a lot of excitement in the minds of some viewers, as Bullant Ceylan had already participated in the show five years earlier. Things did not go well for him: he lost to Fabian Hambuchen (33) in the second shortest show in the history of “Schlag den Star”.

The long-haired comedy star was even more nervous that evening: “It’s going to be embarrassing if I screw up any general education questions tonight.”

But he didn’t have to worry much, because the audience’s attention was totally different! The announcement of the Italian band Menskin caused a veritable excitement among fans. As a reminder: Menskin won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and made a solid scandal.

The first game almost went down: already in Game 1 “Head Ball” had the first fights. Two opponents must roll their heads against a wall to a basket. With Jenke von Wilmsdorf it looked like he was deliberately raising his shoulder to get the ball into the basket: forbidden!

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Commentator Ron Ringguth (55) immediately asked moderator Elton (50) to intervene. Jenke didn’t find it strange at all: “Are they likable here!”

He also won the first game with brilliant colors and was responsible for Bullante’s first line: “It’s because of his botox. It has such a smooth skin that it clings much better. I would have been better off with my bottom.”

In social media, however, anticipation of the ESC scandal bands continued to grow. In the game “Park Lawn Mower” two duelists had to drive a ride-on lawn mower through a gate and park it. Actually a very funny action- but the fans were still eagerly waiting for his idol.

At 10:25 pm, the time has finally come. Elton solemnly declared: “Italy is the first country to win the ESC and the European Football Championship in a year. Here are the menskins!”

They performed a medley from their ESC winning song “Zitti a Buoni” and their new title, “I Want to Be Your Slave” – ​​and the online fan base went crazy!

The game went on anyway – and produced a winner at 2:06. Jenke von Wilmsdorf won the coveted suitcase with 100,000 euros.

The next edition of “Schlag den Star” will be on August 28. Then Evelyn Burdecki and Sofia Thomalla compete against each other.

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