Kevin Spacey: The Hollywood star is innocent! , Entertainment

Kevin Spacey: The Hollywood star is innocent!  ,  Entertainment

4 crore lawsuit for alleged sexual harassment ,

Kevin Spacey – acquitted!

Explosion in New York!

Hollywood star Kevin Spacey (63, “House of Cards”) has been acquitted in a civil suit for alleged sexual assault. A court jury found him innocent. Thus, the plaintiff, actor Anthony Rapp (50), leaves empty handed.

She accused Spacey of sexually abusing her when she was a minor. Spacey was 26 at the time and the plaintiffs were 14. The alleged incident is believed to have happened at a party in Spacey’s Manhattan apartment in 1986.

Rap made the incident public during the #metoo debate. Spacey then turned out to be gay, but said he had no recollection of the alleged incident.

Anthony Rapp (right) enters the courthouse with his fiancé, Ken Ethifolo

Photo: Brendan McDiarmid/Reuters

Spacey’s attorney, Jennifer Keller, told the jury that Rapp had fabricated the encounter.

Actually, during the trial, Rapp was caught in many contradictions. Among other things, he claimed that the harassment took place in a separate bedroom. However, Spacey was living in a studio apartment at the time.

“The story only works when you invent a wall and a door,” says Spacey’s lawyer. In addition, Rapp’s description of events matches a scene in Precious Sons, a Broadway play at the time.

In the play, a drunk Ed Harris picks up his son, played by Rapp, as he mistakes him for his wife and then lies on top of her in a way that mirrors Rapp’s accusation against Spacey. .

This and other discrepancies raised serious doubts among the jury about the credibility of the plaintiffs.

Rapp and Spacey testified for several days during the three-week trial. The lawsuit sought $40 million in damages.

Kevin Spacey (from right) and his attorney Jennifer Keller during the closing debate, as seen by the cast of the courtroom

Kevin Spacey (from right) and his lawyer Jennifer Keller during the closing debate, as seen by the cast of the courtroom

Photo: Jane Rosenberg/Reuters

Rapp and others’ claims suddenly curtailed the stellar career of the two-time Academy Award winner, who lost her job on the Netflix series House of Cards — and was even cut from a movie which had already been completed.

Rap is a regular on the television series Star Trek: Discovery and was part of the original cast of Broadway’s Rent.

Rapp’s lawyers insisted that Spacey was lying. “He lacks credibility,” claimed Stigman, the rapper’s lawyer. As for his client, he sued “to hold Kevin Spacey accountable.”

which failed miserably…

But: The rap allegations against Spacey aren’t the only allegations against the 63-year-old.

In the UK, Spacey is accused of four assaults against three men between 2005 and 2013. In July, Spacey pleaded not guilty in a London court.

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