Kiel: “MS Wiesenshaft” presents sustainable technologies

Kiel: "MS Wiesenshaft" presents sustainable technologies

The MS Wissenschaft, a practical exhibition ship on the theme of bio-economy, docked in the port of Kiel on her tour of Germany. Visitors experience how sustainable management can work in practice.

The bacteria in the sludge-filled battery generate electricity and thus cause the red lamp to glow. A few steps ahead, a visitor leads his character through a green utopia in a half digital, half haptic board game, engages in urban gardening in mini-games and predicts that in 2050 (70 percent). How many people will live in the cities?

Two out of 30 practical demonstrations on MS Wissenschaft look like this. The exhibition ship stopped in Kiel on a tour of Germany. Starting Saturday, visitors are learning a lot about the topic of sustainable business in a playful way – and people, politics, and what they themselves can contribute to it.

Super Algae and Plastic Alternatives from Plants

Near the entrance a 3D printer is busy working. Instead of plastic, he uses beet extract to print small “MS Science” vessels that visitors can take home. The ship itself is – true to the permanent motto of the exhibition – a former, so to speak, recycled coal freighter. Displays are often made of durable materials. Plastic chairs and tables and rugs only dominate the entry area, in keeping with the theme there.

Students from all corners of Germany who live on the MS Wissenchaft and travel across the country lead through the exhibition. Lewis Seemann studies biochemistry in Berlin. He’s on board because the topic means so much to him—and because he likes a positive, solution-oriented approach.

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Like my personal favorite, the Algae Pinball Machine. Using several small balls in a pinball machine, it shows how algae can filter phosphates and other substances from wastewater. “Algae is an all-rounder,” enthuses Lewis Seaman, “one of the simplest organisms we’ll use for everything in the future.” You can also find out what can happen in a pinball machine: for example, flying planes, manuring fields or painting rubber animals green.

The path to a sustainable circular economy

“People are often completely puzzled about what’s available and what’s possible,” says Lewis Seaman. That’s exactly what the exhibition is for. “MS Wissenschaft Provides a Perspective and a Perspective.”

On the occasion of the MS Wissenschaft visit, Federal Education Minister Cordula Klidt put it quite alike: “It’s about how we move away from an oil-based economy that uses raw materials and toward a circular economy with greater stability.” can switch to renewable raw materials.”

Visitors can formulate wishes and ideas

At the center of the exhibition is the Idea Tree, which is constantly growing, nourished by the views of the visitors. They can write their suggestions and wishes for a green future on the leaves and stick them on the tree. “Less waste”, “no plastic made from crude oil”, “more justice for farmers” can be read there.

Here you have the opportunity to formulate wishes and ideas on the topic of sustainable development. (source: Sven Raschke)

Ten year old Anna is putting some new leaves on the tree with her father. What he liked best about MS Wissenschaft is that “you can participate in it and have a lot of conversations” so he especially liked the station “news from organic waste”: a placement game in which you Find out what you can make with leftover food.

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MS Wissenschaft has been working on transforming scientific disciplines for over 20 years, led by the non-profit organization “Wissenschaft im Dialog”. Managing Director Markus Weischoff: “It’s something special that you can go almost anywhere in Germany with this MS Science: in large places, but also in many smaller places that don’t have a university or a science center.”

Free admission and after registration

MS Wissenschaft will remain at Sartorikai in Kiel until Thursday, 24 June. Entry is free from 10 am to 7 pm. Visitors must register in advance or by phone Monday through Friday, 2 pm to 5 pm: 030 2062 295 59.

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