Spring at last! – Room for new things

Spring at last!  - Room for new things

Spring at last!

Days are getting longer and brighter – spring is coming. Many feel more alive and experience the weather as if not only the nature around them, but also themselves, were awake.

For some, spring is a time of new contacts and friendships, others move out of their homes, and are still thinking about others’ career changes. And there are many more – after all! – Want to lose weight. Spring is a time for new things and for changes.

Vernacular puts it like this: “Everything is new in May.” So: make room for new things in your life!

Use positive mood and energy:

  • Get more air; Walking, walking, cycling or walking. Go outside even if the weather is not ideal. Fresh air and exercise are good for you!
  • Drink plenty of water and tea. Eat light, more fruits, vegetables and poultry. It is good for your body!
  • Choose a game in advance or learn a new one. Have you always wanted to play dance, fencing or volleyball? Then see where it is possible in your area. Give yourself a shock! Do not think about whether you can do this or embarrass yourself. No matter what others think of you.
  • Walk through your gaze apartment. Which room or corner would you like to decorate? And: See you don’t have many things needed anymore. If you feel too nervous to throw it away, offer it to a friend or an ad. Grab it and don’t stop it now!
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Room to innovate

All of the above are good ideas to give new inspiration to everyday life. But of all the good suggestions, think the most important thing: your soul!

More than 2500 years ago the prophet Jeremiah introduced a word aimed at change and a new beginning for the people of Israel: “Hull New Land.” ()Bible, Jeremiah, chapter 4, verse 3)

Even if it is new to you: God is the God of new and change; Even though the vast majority of churches do not radiate at all. Some Christians seem more grill-keepers and suffer from tradition. But God the Father of Jesus Christ is different! He is new and loves life!

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