Opportunities presented by the main developer, Microsoft TakeOver and Xbox Game Pass about the glitch start

Opportunities presented by the main developer, Microsoft TakeOver and Xbox Game Pass about the glitch start

Result 76 ()From Is 6,19 On Buying) Was also a topic on the “Bethesda Johns Xbox Roundtable”, which was primarily about Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda / Zenimax and the next steps (We reported, For video) Belongs to.

Todd Howard (game director) spoke quite candidly about the state of the game when it surfaced in 2018. Through what he said Pc gamer: “When the game unfolded we had a trap of problems and we let a lot of people down – and, there was very little that we honestly didn’t screw up”. For example, there were technical problems, performance difficulties, server quirks, heaps of bugs, many weaknesses in the game world, and various discrepancies in content. Since the sale began, developers have fixed a lot of errors and published new content – including more classic Fallout Story Elements (Westlanders) with decision-making options. This is not the first time that the lead developer has admitted that Fallout 76 was initially in poor condition and was ready for much cracking and justified criticism (We reported) Belongs to.

Todd Howard hopes that Microsoft’s acquisition will help Bethesda Games undergo better and more in-depth testing before it goes on sale. As an example from the past, he cited that after Fallout 76 went on sale, he phoned Phil Spencer (Xbox Boss) and got as much information and data as possible about problems with the game on the Xbox One . After the acquisition, they will have completely different and better options for testing.

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In addition, the game pass ecosystem can create many aspects such as “public beta” is very easily possible. Meanwhile, Howard has repeatedly regretted that there was no (free) beta of Fallout 76 prior to launch. If the Xbox game pass was back in existence, the first few months would have been much easier. Howard said that Game Pass, as a business model, would make certain types of games more profitable, namely the categories of games that Bethesda had previously refused to touch. The use of low limits for sports is only one aspect. Fallout 76 has been available in Xbox Game Pass since July 2020 and, according to Howard, the title is now “one of the most played games on Xbox”.

Meanwhile, the test run of the next update is “loaded and unlocked” on PC-PTS started. Among other things, the update should ensure that you can reset your special points in CAMP. This allows players to create and save their own loadouts. There will also be “cAMP sites” that make it possible to create many different cAMP in different locations. Improvements are also planned for daily operations and hands-on handling. The last update should be released on 27 April on all platforms.

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