Klettgau: The Kulturkar Association is happy to have a new room for meetings and courses

Klettgau: The Kulturkar Association is happy to have a new room for meetings and courses

The Kulturkar Association has a new board. A new third chairman has been elected with Julian Minzer, Nicole Netzhammer as second president, and George Minzer as a new secretary. Top executive Sylvia Ratschmann was re-elected from a team of three.

The general meeting was held in a small group. The association currently has 31 individual and family members. The association aims to promote a vibrant rural culture and embody bio-dynamic agriculture, enabling community and individual strength. It must also be achieved through landscape conservation, environmental and nature conservation, popular education, vocational education and training.

Silvia Rutschmann explained that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the club can only have a few functions in the year which has now ended. So it was only possible to take a walk through the Reichsberg vineyards and a comfortable crouch. According to your report, the collaboration with the “Alter Pfarrof Erzingen” project initiated by the Klettgau citizens, which includes a concept for the conservation, conversion and development of the parish barn area in Erzingen, has led to lively discussions and a lot of headaches. Happened. board meeting.

The Kulturkar Association would like to support the initiatives with its union structure, for example in the administration of charity through the establishment of a citizens’ cooperative. However, after consulting the tax office, this was not possible.

However, it is a matter of happiness that the association has a new room on the Gaswidge Farm. Courses, meetings and meetings can be organized there in consultation with the farm managers.

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