Young people 16 and older can now be vaccinated

Young people 16 and older can now be vaccinated

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Priority was also removed in Landshut Vaccination Center. Vaccination is now possible from the age of 16.

The state government has removed the vaccination preference that previously applied to Bavarian immunization centres. This means: from now on, all Landshut residents who are at least 16 years old can be immunized against the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus at the municipal immunization center on an exhibition basis, regardless of priority reasons Or not.

Registration and appointments can be made online at Appointments can also be booked by telephone. Thanks to a significant increase in the volume of deliveries and because there are hardly any second vaccinations to be carried out in Bavarian immunization centers by the end of July, there is now finally enough vaccine for the first one, stresses Thomas Schindler, who administers the city. Huh. Vaccination Center. “This particularly applies to mRNA vaccines from manufacturers BioNTech-Pfizer and Moderna. So everyone interested in getting vaccinated should register for vaccination immediately.”

Population willingness to vaccinate is declining

The biggest challenge in the coming weeks, says Schindler, will no longer be – as in the past few months – the lack of a vaccine that has now been overcome, but the decreasing willingness of the population to vaccinate. “we have
It seems that many people are no longer in a hurry to vaccinate themselves due to the coming holidays, the summer season and the declining number of infections in our region. In any case, unfortunately it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to allot free appointments.”

Incidentally, this also applies to about 3500 people in the urban area, some of whom had registered for vaccination months ago but are yet to be vaccinated at the immunization centre. “You all should have received the invitation by now,” said Schindler. “If it is not, we ask affected people to check that the data stored in the Beimco online registration system is accurate or to contact the vaccination center directly by telephone.”

development is problematic

However, incomplete data is only rarely the reason why vaccination invitations are not currently accepted, Schindler says. Because: “Many of those affected have meanwhile gotten placements elsewhere but haven’t signed with Beimco. And some have simply changed their minds and now want to wait until autumn.” Growth is problematic Because a vaccination usually requires two injections and so it takes at least six to eight weeks from the first bite before a full vaccination can be established.

“If a new wave really should come in autumn, it’s really too late to protect yourself from infection for a short period of time by vaccination,” Schindler says. “Anyone who is hesitant to vaccinate themselves should think about it.” Mayor Alexander Putz agrees with these admonishing words: “Especially in view of the more infectious Delta variant, which is spreading rapidly across Europe, a full vaccination is probably the only way. To protect yourself and your fellow humans from COVID-19.” Avoid it to effectively protect against disease.”

Use the summer months for vaccination

So one should not be blinded by the currently fairly calm infection conditions, but use the summer months to step up a vaccination campaign and vaccinate large parts of the population against the virus. “That way we can significantly reduce the risk of another wave in the autumn – and thus also the risk of new restrictions that no one really wants,” says Putz, who himself received a second dose of the vaccine earlier in the month. had received. “I ask all Landshut people: use the vaccination offer that can now be given to you. Make an appointment with your family doctor at the vaccination center, or if that’s possible for you, your company doctor You are doing something not only for yourself but for the whole society.”

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By the way, about half of the citizens of the city of Landshut have now received at least one initial dose of the vaccine against the coronavirus. A good 35% of the population is fully vaccinated. With both values, the city of Landshut is roughly in line with the national average.

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