Last Grand Prix of Winter Equestrian Festival 2021 to Adam Prudent –


It is the twelfth and final week of the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida, and is accompanied by the final Grand Prix that culminated in the hosts’ victory.

More precisely, the final Grand Prix ended with a win for Adam Prudent (USA) in the saddle of his eleven-year-old Oldenburg horse Baloutinue V. Balou du Raut-Lander s.

Eight of the 42 pairs in circulation jumped. Jim Iffko and Un Dimension des Forites from Canada set a time of 36.54 seconds without mistakes, which seemed harder to beat than the previous doubles. But swept Adam Prudent and Baloutin throughout the course and easily reduced IFFCO time: 35.28 seconds.

Not even the Master of Faster, Kent Farrington, came with his top mare ghazle. His clock stopped after 37.37 seconds. Prudent was ahead of third-ranked Jim Iffco and Kent Farrington, the winner.

Prudent was happy not only about his win, but also about his horse, which he has rode for nearly four years, from the Youngster Tour to his first four-star Grand Prix win to date.

“The horse is very careful, I haven’t really had a chance to ride him fast yet, as this was only the third jump-off at a Grand Prix with him. This time I actually went to the range and for the first time he got it. Asked to give everything. I knew that some fast people were coming after me. So I really wanted to try everything and take every risk. It did a good job. “

Kent Farrington admitted this without being jealous: “I was late in the first jump and both of them here first and they did everything to win the U, which I really appreciate. I think this is a great game. Two of them had an incredible round today and the jump-off was very open. It is good with nimble horses like them. “

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Farrington’s overall conclusion over the past few weeks: “I think we had more riders than in the past this time in Europe. I think there are at least five riders from the top ten world rankings here. That makes everyone Rides better here. There wasn’t a jump that was easy to win. So everyone who wins here really deserves it. There were high class horses here and great rides. Today was no exception. “

Daniel Deere was no longer in the competition. He wanted to ride Casalvano, but then withdrew. Nevertheless, there were still some awards for him and his employer, the Stifax Stables. He received the award for owning the horse that won the most prize money, which this year was his Tobago Z, which won the Rolex Grand Prix last weekend, among other things. And the prize for the stable, whose horses won the most money overall, went to the Stifex stables.

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