Train Accident in Taiwan: Suspected Accident Offender Apologizes

Train Accident in Taiwan: Suspected Accident Offender Apologizes

After that Catastrophic train accident in taiwan With at least 50 deaths, the alleged perpetrator apologized with tears. In a trembling voice, Lee Lee-hsiang read an emotional statement in front of several media representatives in which he emphasized his “deep remorse”. He will cooperate in the office of the police and government attorney and take the necessary “responsibility”.

A train crash near the coastal city of Hulien in eastern Taiwan killed at least 50 people and injured about 200 others on Friday. According to officials, the cause of the crash was apparently Lee’s construction vehicle, which slipped on an embankment and fell on the tracks as the train was about to enter the tunnel. Investigators are currently investigating whether Lee did not properly apply the handbrake to the vehicle or whether the mechanical problem caused the brakes to fail.

Lee was questioned by investigators over the weekend. The 49-year-old has since been released on bail.

Transport Minister proposed to resign

According to the survivors, the train driver agreed just before the accident. According to this, however, he did not take a break before crashing into a construction site vehicle – presumably because there was no longer enough time. According to a report published on Sunday by The United Daily News, analysis of the video recordings showed that the construction vehicle was on track before the train entered the tunnel without braking.

The train wreck – the worst in Taiwan in decades – scattered great gloom across the island. The youngest victim to derail the train was only four years old. Critics complained about the lack of guard rails around the tracks at the site of the accident. Transport Minister Lin Chia-lung offered resignation, government refused to accept it Taipei However. Lynn must remain in office until the investigation is complete.

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