Heavy Sun – Rise about Easter: Daniel Lanois does the gospel

Heavy Sun - Rise about Easter: Daniel Lanois does the gospel

Berlin (dpa) – Certainly bringing out a gospel record for Easter is not the worst idea. It is a little surprising that such a faithful work is now done by Daniel Lanois.

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Because the musician, who will turn 70 in September, has not yet emerged as a soul or spiritual fan. He was better known as the producer of rock and pop albums including Peter Gabriel (“So”, “US”), Bob Dylan (“Time Out of Mind”), U2 (“The Joshua Tree”, “Achung Baby” Are.) Or Neil Young “(le shor”). And of course as a multi-instrumentalist with his discography of “The Music of Red Dead Redemption 2” (2019) from “Akadi” (1989).

“Heavy Sun” (EON / SPV) always features a surprising side of experimental eleven-time Grammy winner Lonis. “I think I’m about to start a new chapter,” Canadians say.

As his label further noted, the 69-year-old “grew up with organ and gospel music and earned his first spurs as a young man in the studio when he recorded a vocal quartet on his tour through Ontario. (.. .) His love. Music for soul and roots never left him. “

And now you can hear that impressed, because “Heavy Sun” really strives towards perseverance with the great arrangements and beautiful polyphonic vocal harmonies of singers Rocco Delacca, Johnny Shepherd and Jim Wilson. The album was recorded in Los Angeles and Toronto, but the airy, intimate sound sounds like a rustic Afro-American church in the American southern states.

The production, complete with lanoise as usual, is performed by rich organ sounds and the sound of virtuous gospel, the lyrics reflect faith, hope, consolation – there is nothing wrong for these uncertain times. “With this music we want to lift people’s spirits,” said the Canadian master musician. “It’s very easy to feel alienated right now, but we want everyone to feel what we’re doing.” mission accomplished. And Amen.

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