Livestream Report on Planned Landing on Mars

Livestream Report on Planned Landing on Mars

A spectacular action is planned for 50 million kilometers from Earth on Thursday. Those who are interested can see the couch landing on Mars.

After a month of flying, NASA rover “Perseverance” is scheduled to land on the Red Planet on Thursday at around 9:50 pm (CET).

It will be accompanied by a YouTube live stream at, which on Monday announced the Planetarium Berlin Foundation and the Society of German-speaking Planetariums.

Experts provided information about Mars and previous projects and explained the current US mission. Shortly before the expected landing, it is planned to switch to NASA’s live stream to follow the landing maneuver and remain there when the first images are broadcast to Earth.

The mission was launched in July 2020 from Cape Canaveral Spaceport. The US space agency NASA says the “tenacity” is the largest, heaviest, cleanest and technologically sophisticated six-wheeled geologist that had ever been launched into space. The rover, costing approximately $ 2.5 billion, was designed and built for about eight years. The vehicle, which weighs about 1,000 kg and is three meters long, has 7 scientific instruments, 23 cameras and a laser board. Microphones are also being sent to Mars for the first time with “firmness”, a small helicopter for the first time – and for the first time samples are to be brought back to Earth from Mars, developed jointly with the European Space Agency ASA has gone. .

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