Swedish privacy advocates warn their own police

Eien Frau schaut auf ihr Smartphone und fotografiert sich und Freunde, die zurück fotografieren.

Monitoring app Clearview continues down its streets. Privacy advocates are fighting against it: Canada follows Sweden.

A few days ago, Canada’s chief data protection officer, Daniel Therrien, sent a clear message to the world: the face recognition app Clearview enables mass surveillance and is illegal. The application is a combination of individual rights and will make a society stand under constant police surveillance. Authorities can for example use ClearView to identify people based on a picture within seconds and access social media profiles for example.

Now the Swedish data protection authority is also taking action against IMY Clearview AI: they are warning their own police about the unauthorized use of the Clearview app. According to the Swedish Data Protection Agency, police used Clearview AI in several incidents. Some employees searched for people using the app without prior permission.

Swedish police officers use Clearview AI without permission

“While using Clearview AI, the police illegally processed biometric data for facial recognition and did not conduct data security impact assessments, which would be necessary in this case,” an IMY statement said. The processing of personal data was not done in accordance with the Criminal Data Act.

The warning fee is equivalent to around 250,000 euros. In addition, police should educate their own staff and handle data to avoid future breaches.

In addition, police should provide information about data subjects whose data has been cleared to AI – if privacy rules allow it. In addition, the police should ensure that all personal data transmitted to Clearview AI is removed.

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It is unlikely that Clearview AI will be helpful here. Because the Canadian Data Protection Authority also requires Clearview AI to remove Canadian citizens from the app directory – so far without success. Clearview AI relies on the openness of the Internet, as it is also used, for example, by search engines such as Google for its own service.

In our MIXED.de podcast episode # 187 we talk about the controversial Face Recognition app and discuss the risks that haunt it – and perhaps even the opportunity.

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