Leica SL2-S receives firmware version 2.0

Leica SL2-S erhält Firmware Version 2.0

Firmware version 2.0 for Leica SL2-S:

New features and improved performance for video creation

Weitzler, 4 May 2021. With the update of the firmware for the Leica SL2-S, the latest Leica system camera receives a multitude of new features and experiences noticeable increases in performance, especially in the field of video production. The improvements were announced when the camera was launched and will now be made available to all owners of the Leica SL2-S. These include a new autofocus algorithm that significantly improves both focus tracking and the camera’s eye, face, head, and body detection. An image overlay that can be selected via the camera menu will simplify the alignment of the camera position based on a previously recorded image that is displayed transparently on an EVF or LCD. Image composition is more convenient even in very low light for the new Live View Brightening of Leica SL2-S.

The highlight of the firmware update lies in the already specialized video functions of the Leica SL2-S. In addition to a large number of different recording modes, the camera now also offers the option of recording movies internally and externally in addition to a 4K 30p / 25p 4: 2: 2 10-bit resolution, now highly efficient in 10-bit HEVC. Video compression (h.265, 4: 2: 0) and frame rate up to 59.94p. There is also an option to record Long-GOP on SD card with 150Mbps instead of the previous 400Mbps in 10bit 4: 2: 2. Uploading individually created Lookup Tables (LUTs) to the camera via an SD card expands creative design options in video production and greatly improves focus movements at three defined points in the room, with new automatic focus focus Can be programmed easily. .

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For professional display control, the SL2-S now also offers a waveform monitor display. A color bar with audio signal is also available as a reference for correct color grading and sound control in post-production.

To increase data security in video productions, a recording can now be made with a fragmented video function in one-minute partial views, which are saved in individual files on the camera, thus reducing data loss in the event of unforeseen events can do.

This is a part of new possibilities for owners of Leica SL2-S. A complete list of fixes can be found in the installation instructions of Firmware Update 2.0, which, like the update, can be found under https://de.leica-camera.com/Fotografie/Leica-SL/Leica-SL2-SEMFwareware Available for free download.

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