“Life Made Easy – The Biggest Loser”: The Bitter Ending For Florian – TV

"Life Made Easy - The Biggest Loser": The Bitter Ending For Florian - TV

The name of the show is “Life Made Easy” – but this show made life difficult for this candidate!

At the beginning of the fourth week at the weight loss camp for “Life Made Easy – The Biggest Loser”, strength candidate Florian (40, starting weight 161.8 kg) unexpectedly collapsed during training. The father of a family from Schleswig-Holstein was considered the secret captain of Team Blau and worked hard on his new body.

Even more frightening moments for the other candidates! Coach Ramin Ebtin (49) was also astonished by the experience: “I saw someone lying in the corner of my eye and then saw it was Florian and that his communication might have collapsed.”

Florian (left) was considered a key leader and power pack in the Blue teamPhoto: Sat.1

Immediate Camp Dr. Christian Westerkamp called. Doctor’s Quick Diagnosis: “Florian wasn’t doing particularly well that day, and from this vulnerable position he tried to generate a performance peak. That was enough.”

But other candidates were still in shock. Team colleague Sabine (44, starting weight 149.5 kg): “It was not nice to see Flo lying there.” Opposing team candidate Yasemin (30, starting weight 120.6 kg) Pink was confused: “I wouldn’t have expected something like this to happen.”

Coach Ramin Abtin and coach Sigrid Illuma decided to stop training! Later Sigrid: “We’re glad nothing bad happened.”

Responsible Coaches (from left): Sigrid Illuma, Dr. Christine Theis and Ramin Abtin

Responsible Coaches (from left): Sigrid Illuma, Dr. Christine Theis and Ramin AbtinPhoto: SAT.1/Julia Feldgen

Florian still had to go to the camp doctor to be examined. Dr. Westerkamp was hard on Florian: “I think you’ve actually stepped on the gas. I can see that a bit in the lab values. Maybe you’ve done too much for your body this time.”

The camp doctor gave Florian no heavy peak load and a varied diet. The sales consultant was paralyzed for the upcoming game seasons. It scratched the alpha candidate’s psyche: “I’m completely powerless and exhausted. I just have to think about how I can regenerate my body now.”

Despite the knockout, we went to the weigh-in

Still, Florian, like all the other candidates, had to be weighed at the end of the week! He himself didn’t feel particularly good about it: “Of course it’s a totally silly feeling, like a sheep being taken to a slaughterhouse. After all, you know what to expect. Expect some miracles.” Is. “

It didn't look good on the scales for Florian, he had hardly lost any weight

It didn’t look good on the scales for Florian, he had hardly lost any weightPhoto: Sat.1

But the miracle did not happen: in the fourth week, Florian lost only 0.1 kg, 100 g. Of course his outcome was the worst and he had to return home.

Her trainer Ramin explained: “If you have this kind of energy turnover through training and then you suddenly stop, the body doesn’t naturally respond with a decrease, that’s perfectly normal.”

Team Blue members despair: they have to say goodbye to Florian

Team Blue members despair: they have to say goodbye to FlorianPhoto: Sat.1

Why didn’t he get a second chance at “Lebanese Med”, despite medical reasons? That remained open. Bitter.

Florian himself was also devastated: “If I had been able to train for two or three days, it would have worked – then we would have won again.” Instead, the Blue team lost a very important candidate and leader.

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