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Unterwasser Welt im Meer mit Taucher

According to scientists, the dreaming octopus must change its color. It certainly surprises many people that one believes that animals dream. The findings are a matter for research.

Science has recently found that a sleeping octopus can change color. But whether this has anything to do with the ability to dream remains to be ascertained.

Can octopuses dream?

Many people repeatedly ask themselves the question: can animals dream? In the case of the octopus, now science is getting to the bottom of the question. Because it was found that animals change their color while sleeping. As they usually do for their disguise. It is now established that humans and other mammals go through two stages of sleep.

The phase of active and quiet sleep could now be determined in octopuses as well. At least that’s what Brazilian scientists are saying now. Thus the octopus must move its eyes, shrink the suction cup and change its color during the phase of active sleep.

Similarities Between Human and Octopus

As far as dreams are concerned, the active sleep phase of octopuses is reported to be similar to what is also known as REM phase in humans. It describes the phase in which a person dreams most while sleeping.

It is believed by researchers that octopuses experience the same experiences during sleep as they do with human dreams. But they also say that these stages are quite short and don’t really have a plot like the tales of people’s dreams.

Octopuses apparently sleep and dream

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They are sleeping this is not a new thing. But the fact that octopuses can also dream is actually surprising news. Of the 30 to 40 different patterns available for an octopus, it can apparently use it while sleeping as well.

The sleep phase should only last about 40 seconds, during which time the octopus can change its color in dreams. While testing, the scientists also found that this is the stage when octopuses take their deepest sleep. Octopus has always attracted people and is considered very intelligent.

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