Los Angeles: Father drowns autistic sons – 212 years in prison

Los Angeles: Father drowns autistic sons - 212 years in prison

A family man is in a serious insurance fraud case drowning two brothers. California a life sentence. According to the US Judicial Authority on Thursday, federal judge John F. Walter sentenced the 45-year-old man to a maximum of 212 years.

This “greedy and ruthless murderer” carried out an “evil and devilish” plan. The culprits were “the ultimate deceivers and notorious liars,” the judge continued. The culprit regrets only one thing: he was blown away.

According to the indictment, the man had taken several life and accidental death insurance policies for a family of five. In April 2015 he aimed for his car from a port dock Shifts He went into the water to kill his ex-wife and two 8 and 13-year-old autistic sons and collect his bonus.

The father moves to safety through the car window, the mother, a non-swimmer, rescued by fishermen. Both boys drowned. The couple’s third son was not in the car.

He bought a boat with a bonus for his dead sons

According to the los angeles times The man had taken out more than three million insurance policies between 2012 and 2013 with eight insurance companies. He said that time and again it is ensured that companies actually pay in the event of accidental death. Soon after the contract expired for potential payments, the culprit kicked his car off the dock in the Port of Los Angeles.

The man said it was an accident. He was arrested in 2018 and a year later convicted of fraud and money laundering. In addition to life imprisonment, the man must repay more than $ 260,000 to insurance companies. He obtained it after the death of his children and used it to buy boats and real estate.

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