Mars helicopter “Ingenuity” flies for the third time on Mars

Mars helicopter "Ingenuity" flies for the third time on Mars

The “Ingenuity” helicopter flew for the third time on Mars. The mini helicopter achieved many new records.

Mars– Helicopter “Ingenuity” overtook itself on its third successful flight: As US Space Agency NASA reported on Sunday, it flew faster and faster than before and reached a top speed of up to seven kilometers per hour. Arrived. The aircraft traveled 50 meters.

The latest flight on Sunday went off as “absolutely planned”, but absolutely impressive at the same time, said “Ingenuity” project manager Dave Lavry. The “Fortitude” lander filmed the helicopter during its 80-second mission, and according to NASA, the videos will be broadcast on Earth in the coming days.

According to NASA, the helicopter’s autonomous navigation system was to be tested with horizontal flight. Aircraft such as “Ingenuity” could revolutionize space exploration because they could be used to explore more areas and, due to their surface structure, difficult-to-navigate zones of alien celestial bodies.

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