Media reports: US secret services expect Russian invasion of Ukraine next week

Media reports: US secret services expect Russian invasion of Ukraine next week
Foreign According to media reports

US secret services are said to be expecting a Russian invasion of Ukraine in the middle of next week

“Attack can start at any time, even during the Olympics”

According to the US government, a Russian invasion of Ukraine is “possible at any time”. During a visit to Australia, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned that such an attack was conceivable even during the Winter Olympics in Beijing, which will run until February 20.

According to media reports, the US secret services and the military expect the Russian invasion of Ukraine to be imminent based on the new information. Russia talks about false information. Meanwhile, 3,000 more US troops are being transferred to Eastern Europe.

MAccording to media reports, according to information from the US government, Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to invade Ukraine – so the invasion could start as early as next week. First, a reporter in the US media reported, “PBS News Hourciting three sources that Putin told the Russian military about his decision. The”Mirroralso reported that the US secret services and military expected a Russian attack as early as next Wednesday. The magazine cited statements from several diplomats and military officials.

Accordingly, in the secret briefing, the specific routes of the Russian army, as well as individual Russian units and their respective tasks, were described. However, insiders also thought that the United States intended to torpedo the Russian attack plan by deliberately spreading this information.

The Russian government has again denied claims that it is planning an invasion of Ukraine. The Foreign Ministry said in Moscow that Western countries were spreading misinformation in this regard and were being supported by the media. The western states tried to divert attention from their aggressive actions.

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The US government has not yet confirmed these reports. Earlier, US President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, told the White House on Friday that a Russian invasion of Ukraine was considered possible before the end of the Winter Olympics in China on February 20. “We are seeing signs of Russian escalation, including the arrival of new troops on the Ukrainian border,” Sullivan said. However, he clarified that he was not implying that Putin had decided to attack.

“We are in a window where an invasion can start any time (Russian President) Vladimir Putin decides to order it,” Sullivan said. “I will not comment on the details of my intelligence. But I want to clarify that it (the attack) could start during the Olympics, although there is a lot of speculation that it will not happen until after the Olympics.

3,000 more US troops transferred to Poland

Sullivan said the US had initially considered the possibility of an airstrike in the event of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. From a US perspective, possible scenarios include a rapid advance by Russian forces against the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, or a false flag campaign. Russia has gathered enough forces to carry out a major military attack.

Meanwhile, the US is sending 3,000 more troops to Poland. Troops currently stationed at Ford Bragg Base in the US state of North Carolina should be moved to the Eastern European country “in the coming days”, a US Defense Department representative announced Friday. Department chief Lloyd Austin ordered the deployment of 1,700 troops to Poland in early February, and now 3,000 more will be added.

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