Microsoft shuts down LinkedIn in China

Microsoft shuts down LinkedIn in China
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Microsoft shuts down LinkedIn in China

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Archive – 13.09.2017, North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne: The LinkedIn logo can be seen at the dmexco digital trade fair in Cologne. Microsoft creates Chinese version of Career Network< LinkedIn shut down after mounting pressure from executives. (DPA for "LinkedIn shuts down in China") Photo: photo combine / Rolf Weinberg / DPA +++ dpa-buildfunk +++

Source: DPA / Rolf Weinberd

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Google, Facebook and Twitter haven’t been seen in China for a long time, and now owner Microsoft is pulling the plug on LinkedIn. Chinese officials warned Career Network earlier this year.

DThat American software and Internet giant Microsoft closed its career network LinkedIn in China. To justify this, the group on Thursday called for a “challenging operating environment” and strict guidelines in the country. “While we have been successful in helping Chinese users find jobs and economic opportunities, we have not had the same success in the more social aspects of sharing and staying informed.”

LinkedIn launched in China in 2014 with a limited special edition and subjected itself to strict restrictions imposed by Chinese authorities on the online platform. Online networks in China have strict censorship. According to the “Wall Street Journal,” LinkedIn was warned by Chinese regulators in March.

Microsoft Now pulled the plug: LinkedIn will shut down in China during the year. Microsoft also announced a new careers platform for China called Injobs. This will not include any social activity feeds. Users will also not be able to share posts or articles.

Microsoft bought LinkedIn for over $26 billion in 2016 and is one of the few US Internet giants operating in China. Facebook And Twitter was banned from China more than a decade ago, Google Retired in 2010. online retailer heroine Available in China, but never prevailed against Chinese providers like Alibaba or

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