eBay Classifieds: Shopping on the account is now possible – this is how it works

eBay Classifieds: Shopping on the account is now possible - this is how it works

From now on, shoppers can select “buy on account” as a payment option on eBay Classifieds. that’s how it’s done.

ebay classifieds
Now the payment service provider is offering “Buy on Account” as a new payment option for its buyers through Klarna. The condition is that the seller accepts payment with “secure payment”.

Because shopping on an account through Klarna is part of “Pay Securely”,

eBay Classifieds was launched in 2020.
The online classifieds marketplace wants to make it possible for buyers and sellers to securely handle transactions if handing it over in person is not an option.

This is how “shopping on account” through Klarna on Ebay classifieds works

Buyers use Secure Checkout to request payment for an item. If Buyer and Seller agree, in future Buyer can also choose “Invoice” option in addition to SEPA transfer, instant transfer or credit card. To pay through Klarna, the buyer must enter their mobile phone number and personal date of birth. Klarna checks the given information in the background and announces the challan in the next step. It is created once the buyer confirms that they have received the goods described. The buyer has 30 days to settle the invoice.

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Worth knowing about eBay classifieds:

eBay, which isn’t quite the same as eBay Classifieds, is also introducing purchases on the account through Klarna:

eBay – Two New Klarna Payment Options

Worth knowing about Klarna:

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