Myanmar: dead again in protest

Myanmar: dead again in protest

In ongoing protests against the military coup in Myanmar, eyewitnesses and media reports have reported eight people killed and several injured on Friday evening. In the former capital, Yangon (formerly Rangoon), three people were killed when security forces acted “very brutally” against protesters in several districts on Friday evening, according to reporters on Saturday morning, according to the German press agency .

An eyewitness and journalist said that three other protesters were killed during protests in Mandalay city in the center of the South East Asian country on Saturday. There the police tried to crush the protests with bullets. Radio station Radio Free Asia also killed two protesters at protests in Pyare on Saturday.

In East Burma, the army rose to power on 1 February. Since then, there have been massive protests. However, so far these have mostly occurred during the day. Police and military are reacting rapidly to the protests. Dozens have already been shot and many are injured.

Since the military came to power, thousands of people have been taken to the streets. They demand the release of the head of government’s de facto development Aung San Suu Kyi And the restoration of elected government. The protesters also oppose the night curfew. Security forces clearly use lethal force in a targeted manner. According to UN figures, more than 70 people have died since the coup on 1 February.

Apart from action against the protesters, there has been an increase in recent night patrols and reports of arrests. A video was shared online on Friday evening and verified by the AFP news agency that police officers showed three people dragging, beating and dragging the street in Thaketa district of Yangon.

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