Nabati Foods Products Now Online Marketplace Vejii – 11/04/21 – News . are also available through

Nabati Foods Products Now Online Marketplace Vejii - 11/04/21 - News .  are also available through

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Nabati Foods Herbal Products Vejii in USA and Canada . are available immediately through

Vancouver, British Columbia – November 4, 2021 – Nabati Foods Global Inc. (CSE: mi) (FWB: 7UW) (Nabati Foods or Company), a plant-based technology company that manufactures natural, whole plant foods for the health-conscious. Consumers announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Veggie, a leading online marketplace for ethical plant-based products.

Vejii lists Nabati Foods’ dairy-free cheesecakes and plant-based meat substitutes for sale in Canada. In the United States, the full line of products, including plant-based Nabatae Cheese and Nabatae Plant Eggs, was listed.

Vejii gives consumers easy access to thousands of vegetarian and plant-based products available from a single source through its solid, integrated digital marketplace and fulfillment platform. The consumer is offered a user-friendly all-encompassing experience and through the use of big data and artificial intelligence, branded companies are brought together with a target group of consumers.

We saw an explosion in online shopping during the pandemic. And this trend is likely to continue as consumers develop new habits and rhythms. Ahmed Yehya, CEO, Nabati Foods, explains, “We are taking this development into account by further expanding our digital presence through niche platforms such as Veggies.

Nabati Foods products are sold throughout Canada, the United States, and internationally. All Nabati Foods products are kosher, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, do not contain eggs and are made without the use of genetic engineering or refined sugar.

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At Nabati Foods, we have continually invested in nutrition research and development to ensure that all of our plant-based products reflect the taste and feel of traditional dairy or animal products and exceed that for both novice and experienced cooks. can easily be substituted for healthier alternatives. Yeh, adds. We believe that with a plant-based, healthy diet you shouldn’t feel like you have to do nothing.

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About Nabati Foods Global Inc.

Nabati Foods Global Inc. is the owner of Nabati Foods Inc., a family-run food technology company that pampers its health-conscious customers with nutritious, natural and plant-based food products without gluten or soy. Founded in 2014, Nabati Foods has four product lines, which include dairy-free cheesecakes, cheese substitutes, plant-based meat substitutes, and a plant-based liquid egg product. Nabati Foods products are distributed through e-commerce, grocery, hospitality and industrial channels in Canada, the United States and internationally. You can find out more here:

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Ahmed Yehya
Director and CEO

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