NETMARBLE’S NEW BATTLE ROYAL TPS HYPESQUAD’s second private trial begins today

NETMARBLE'S NEW BATTLE ROYAL TPS HYPESQUAD's second private trial begins today
LOS ANGELES, March 12 /PRnewswire/ — Netmarble (, a
Leading developer and publisher of quality games, ranked second
Started private testing for HypeSquad. from today till 26 september
Players will be the first to experience Battle Royale TPS on Windows PC
The company can experience

Players can register on the registration page for the second private test
HypeSquad Steam Store (
and the official hypesq website (;!!N96JrnIq8IfO5w!iHQhs3HmGIHd14NTDtUeQI5IoOCLb1i2ZgTcl3Oxh6
After following the instructions and filling them out, you will receive a
Partnership Code (Steam Product Code). Players can download the “HypeSquad Demo”
Download/Install by following Steam Guide
product activation
Registration will be accepted till 7 pm on the last day of the examination, 26 September
Accepted PDT (04:00 CEST on Friday, September 27th).

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