New material on aktionsbü / Nutrition and exercise …

New material on aktionsbü / Nutrition and exercise ...

30.09.2021 – 15:42

Action Alliance for Osteoporosis

Berlin (OTS)

In Germany, 6.3 million people suffer from osteoporosis. Of those, only one in five is adequately treated.[1] A balanced diet and exercise are important factors in preventing or successfully treating osteoporosis. That’s why the Osteoporosis Alliance has now developed its website with tons of videos and expert tips: animated recipe preparation, everyday meal plans and exercise videos showing how women and men can effectively support their bone health. can. The offer is constantly updated and expanded with new articles.

Healthy Recipes: Calcium and Vitamin D Strengthen Bones

Adequate supply of calcium and vitamin D is the cornerstone of osteoporosis treatment – ​​both in disease prevention and after diagnosis. Calcium primarily builds bones and teeth, making them hard and stable. It is ingested through food. Vitamin D, on the other hand, is mainly made in the skin when it is exposed to the sun. “We only take in ten to 20 percent of it through food”[2]Know nutritionist Dr. Rita Herman explains and explains the successful combination of the two substances: “Calcium can fulfill its functions in the body only when it is adequately supplied with vitamin D. This ensures that Calcium is absorbed into the body and built up in the bones.”[3] A lack of vitamin D or calcium promotes osteoporosis or can make the disease worse.[4], [5] On the revised website of the Osteoporosis Alliance, Dr. Herman clearly explains the further relationship between osteoporosis and nutrition. It summarizes the most important risk factors, dispels myths or guides you through a very typical week filled with delicious and easy-to-cook recipes.

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Exercise video: Movement boosts bone metabolism

Bones are living tissues that are built and broken down and have their own metabolism. This is one reason why there is much to be gained from targeted exercise in osteoporosis. Orthopedist and trauma surgeon Dr. Birgit Range emphasizes that: “Exercise strengthens bones and helps reduce the risk of fractures at any age. The most important fundamentals for training are: Regular and long-term training, strength training before endurance training, better more intense exertion and fewer repetitions of exercises than multiple repetitions at a low level.” In addition, balance exercises are good for avoiding falls and the associated broken bones. Sports videos show exactly what it looks like in practice. He was developed in collaboration with an Osteoporosis Self Help Group leader and an experienced movement therapist. The range of sports videos will be expanded at regular intervals by the end of the year to include exercises that are appropriate to help prevent and treat disease.

need to talk to a doctor

Be it diet or exercise, people suffering from osteoporosis should discuss all the remedies with their doctor in advance. In this way, for example, optimal training levels can be determined or whether preparations or pharmacological treatments other than natural calcium and vitamin D sources are necessary. The new offer on the website is for all those who want to do something for strong and healthy bones. Our advice: Discuss your individual risk of osteoporosis with your doctor.

Information about the Osteoporosis campaign and the BONE.STARK.MACHER campaign. and osteoporosis as well as a brochure and various downloadable material on the disease can be found here www.aktionsbü

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