New World: Big fuss about renewed GPU defects

Again, there are reports of broken graphics cards while playing Amazon MMOs. Again, apparently only a few are affected. Again this is Nvidia’s flagship RTX 3090, but there are also reports of a bad 3080 Ti and 3080. With millions of players, the proportion of problems is small.

A small percentage of players have problems

Before the mood boils down to this point, the whole thing has to be concerned: in that New reddit thread about the “grilled” graphics card by New World In the last two days, 10 people did not report the defect. On September 28, New World was officially released and recorded over 700,000 simultaneous players on Steam that day alone, bringing the game servers to their knees.

So the proportion of people affected should be much less than the problems during the beta phase of New World. Nevertheless, media reports are creating a stir at the moment.

The cause of the new defects, which this time affecting the various GeForce RTX 3090, GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and GeForce RTX 3080s from EVGA and Gigabyte manufacturers, is unclear. Whether or not the FPS was capped to a certain value in the game apparently didn’t matter.

Along with the problems in beta, EVGA blamed poor soldering work in the area of ​​voltage converters in the manufacturer’s initial batch of RTX 3090s. According to EVGA, only two dozen graphics cards were affected.

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