New tool makes it easier to sideload Android apps on Windows 11

SwiftKey brings copy and paste between Android and Windows to everyone

works for microsoft windows 11 known to be involved in integration for android apps on the desktop. There’s now a new third-party tool for Preview that makes installing Android apps easier.

The so-called Windows Subsystem (WSA) for Android is an important part of the new Windows 11 operating system. This feature is not fully operational yet and is still in the testing phase. However, the apps can only be downloaded from the Amazon App Store and there too, the selection of compatible applications is limited. Accordingly, some resourceful developers have already set about bringing more app resources to PC.

so report it now online store windowsLatestThat’s a new one with “WSA PacMan” open-source-tool Which installs additional Android applications with just a few clicks – without using command line tools. With a new app calledWSA PacManThe Android app, which is available on Github, can be installed without opening Command Prompt or System Settings.

Third-party providers step in

As the name suggests, it is an open source, third-party package manager specially designed for the Windows subsystem for Android. It acts as a graphical user interface and executes all the necessary commands in the background to install Android apps. It also relies on the standard port so you don’t have to make any changes to the app or the WSA itself.

windows 11 android-subsystem

For WSA PacMan you only need a computer running Windows 11 and the Android subsystem for Linux is supported. Subsystem for Android must be already installed or activated and debugging option turned on. Otherwise the package manager cannot install any app (standard port 58526 for debugging). The new device is a practical aid. We haven’t tested it ourselves yet, but we will.

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Have you already experienced with WSA PacMan?

You can find an alternative, already known WSATools for Android subsystem, in the WinFuture download area:

WSATools: Installation Tool for the Android Subsystem

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