Robotics in everyday life: from vacuum robot to home android?

Robotik im Alltag: Vom Saugroboter zum Haushaltsandroiden?

how do you feel about using aye supported robotic in everyday life? Is the evolution from dust robots to home Android desirable and should such systems operate independently or be tied to a manufacturer? Technical and ethical questions are inevitably linked to today’s Sunday question.

Robotics in everyday life

Robotics in everyday life in 2022 is usually still limited to comparatively simple vacuum robots and robotic mops for the home or robotic lawn mowers for home garden maintenance. But how far is the road to Android for all, and is it even a worthwhile goal?

What should a robot be able to do in the house? (Photo: Kindle Media via Pexels, CC0 1.0,

Today’s Sunday questions are from Computerbase readers Buttercup and addressed as an idea by him to the editors, who would like to thank him very much for the suggestions and support.

With this issue, a Sunday question from the Community of Computerbase forums comes into play for the first time, and there will be more in the future.

Are you interested in robotics in everyday life?

What is your opinion on the topic of robotics for civilian use in everyday life? Are you interested in this topic and should Computerbase report more about it?

There are certainly one or the other concerns á la Skynet or i robotBut various videos on the potential use of robotics and artificial intelligence in everyday life, for example Boston DynamicsSure, it can be amazing. The progress made in this area in recent years is impressive.

Do you already have a household robot in use?

However, the results, some of which are very impressive, are still largely produced under carefully designed laboratory conditions, while simple vacuum and floor mopping robots are still used in everyday life. Are you already using one of these home robots or are you planning to buy one?

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Today’s home robots are mostly divided into categories of vacuum, mopping and mowing robots, which one do you have?

Manufacturers of classic hardware have also recognized that the field of robotics is making great strides and requires more performance.

Nvidia’s Jetson AGX Orin developer tools with Ampere GPU and Jetson Nano are also aimed at this area, but where will it take the future?

From vacuum robot to home Android?

Today, they are purely household robots that make everyday life easier for people and free them from simple tasks like housekeeping and gardening. In the future, self-contained or network-connected home Androids may do a lot more, but is this development worth the effort?

Old age robot?

Let’s go a step further: can nursing robots finally fill the gap left by the shortage of skilled workers in nursing. Is this a conceivable scenario for you? Do you want care robot in old age?

participation is clearly desired

The editors will be more than happy to find well-founded and detailed reasons for your decisions in the comments to the current Sunday question. If you have a completely different favorite, please write it in the comments.

Readers who have not yet participated in last Sunday’s questions are welcome to do so. There is still exciting discussion going on in the Computerbase forums, especially with regard to past surveys.

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You have ideas for an interesting Sunday question? Editors are always happy to receive suggestions and submissions.

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