Hedgehog Rust Now Puft in Puyo Puyo Tetris 2

Hedgehog Rust Now Puft in Puyo Puyo Tetris 2

SEGA today releases several free updates for the popular crossover crossover Poyo Puyo Tetris 2. New Content PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S is available free to all players on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Fans of the colorful puzzle crossover can see a range of new characters, a fresh game mode, cool background music, and 20 new avatars with updates. Further details are listed below.

  • Four newly-played characters join the tour group: the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog, Liddell, Ms. Accord and The Ocean Prince. Each character has his or her own skill in the talent battle mode.
  • New online mode Boss Red: Players work together with friends and defeat an adversary for cooperative fun.
  • Four new BGM tracks (background music): including the Sonic-Hedgehog Theme Song
  • 20 new avatars: even more popular Puyo Puyo characters which players can use to customize their profile.

Sonic the Hedgehog joins the great Puo-Puyo-Tetris-2-roster along with three other characters. SEGA’s Sonic is well-known and well-known and certainly no longer needs a detailed introduction. The sharp blue hazel lives by its rules. He hates dishonesty and injustice, and does not hesitate to advocate what is right.

Ms. Accord is a teacher at Prim Magic School. Although she is considered polite and gentle, she is also known for her strange lessons. It played only a minor role in the original Puyo Pyo Tetris. With the update, she will be introduced as a playable character – the first time since Puyo Pop Fever.

Lidley is a student at Primp Magic School. She is humble and quiet, very shy and hides her horns under her hair. Although she has no physical relationship with him, she refers to the Dark Prince and Draco as her elder brother and sister.

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The ocean is the prince – beware, surprise – the prince of the ocean. He can also be very selfish without realizing it. Sometimes he takes human form to use certain mantras. Like Ms. Accord and Liddell, she returns as a playable character since the Puyo Pop Fever after first doing a cameo in Puyo Pop Fever.

Boss fought

In the new online boss raid mode, the player and three other friends can threaten the CPU-controlled boss. Switch players can also face threats using the local wireless multiplayer mode.

In Talent War mode, players can now put their team together using an expanded roster. The key to victory is to choose characters with skills that build on each other. During the game the puos have to pop, the tetraminos are dissolved and the garba puos is shaken. If the boss then runs out of life points, the game wins.

  • Players can adjust the difficulty to suit their skills: with increased difficulty, more bosses need to be defeated. The number can be determined by the players. Higher levels of difficulty have different levels of requirements. The team should have the strength to survive the fight.
  • Chance Time: Chance time can occur when players encounter random events in a raid. If the criteria are met, they can cause additional damage to the boss with events.
  • Owners have unique abilities: Many abilities provide additional challenges, such as paralysis. This may prevent rotation for a short time.
  • Item Cards and Experience Points: These items can be obtained in Boss Raid. The quality of the reward increases with the level of difficulty. Players can use the card to improve their team in a battle of talent.
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For a limited time, Switch players can try a free demo version of Puyo Pyo Tetris 2.

This is the first of Sega’s post-launch content updates to be released for the Puyo Puyo Tetris 2. Players can look forward to many more features, such as new characters and more. Further information is as follows. The entire character is available on Rooster official website.

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