Now you can also withdraw money from Sparkasse using your smartphone

Now you can also withdraw money from Sparkasse using your smartphone

Savings Bank customers have had to adapt to several changes in the past few weeks. But now there is a positive change which affects the withdrawal of money.

Sparkasse customers can now withdraw money from ATMs not only with their bank cards but also from their smartphones. This is made possible by the digital version of the bank card.

Sparkasse ATMs have long been equipped with the NFC field. This makes it possible to easily keep the bank card instead of inserting it into the reading slot as before. From autumn 2021 onwards, money can be withdrawn from Sparkasse contactless. If you don’t have your bank card, you can still use the NFC field with your smartphone. The whole thing works the same way as paying with Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Withdraw money from savings bank with your smartphone – this is how it works

Android users who want to withdraw money from their smartphone need Sparkasse’s “mobile payments” app. Digital versions of available cards – such as debit cards, Girocards or credit cards – are already stored in an online banking account. iPhone owners do not need to install an additional app and can use Apple Wallet instead. To add a bank card, select “Sparksay” from the list of banks and the appropriate card type. Lastly, the card linking should be confirmed through TAN.

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To be able to withdraw money from a Sparkasse ATM with your smartphone, it must be unlocked and NFC enabled. If users now hold it up to the NFC terminal, the ATM automatically reads the card data and displays the “Withdraw Money” option on the screen. However, as before, the process also needs to be confirmed via a PIN – so withdrawing money from Sparkasse isn’t completely contactless.

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Whether the ATM supports the new method of withdrawing money can be seen from the NFC logo and card reader. Sparkasse reported that withdrawing money from ATMs via smartphone is not yet available in the Sparkassen-Finanzgroup.


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