Old School Runescape – Currently available on Steam

Old School Runescape - Currently available on Steam

Old-school RuneScape debuted on the Steam Store today, expanding the cross-platform playability of nostalgic MMORPG by allowing players to link their existing RuneScape account to Steam and use the progress saved on Steam, PC and Mac desktop clients And run the version. for iOS and Android.

This marks the eighth year as a live sport since the game’s arrival on Steam began on February 22, 2013. The anniversary of the game is celebrated with an in-game birthday event that rewards players with a new cosmetic banana cape. With a vibrant community behind them, current Old School players are now gathering in Lumbridge, a large meet-and-greet and eighth birthday event community to welcome new players coming via Steam Coming up with the drama.

The first This Is Old School Runescape blog was posted on Steam Hub today and is a useful guide for anyone in the world of Gelinor or for players who have not been around for a long time.

Rob Hendry, Executive Producer von Old School Runescape, Sagut Daizu:

“The old school has something for everyone, and over the past year we have seen it reach new heights: the largest number of concurrent players, the most members of all time, and also the millions of active players in both member versions. Were. As people who enjoy games for free on desktop and mobile. The Old School continues to grow and thanks to a vibrant and strong community behind it, Adventure is now calling for Steam users and I know Is that our current players are ready to congratulate new people. “

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Featuring the most popular characters and items from the old school Runescape game, Steam Achievements comes on the PC platform with a full range of badges, emoticons and trading cards. In addition, the game offers exclusive content for anyone joining Steam.

The launch on Steam is part of JJX’s mission to make the RuneScape universe accessible to more players around the world. Old school Runescape will continue to be offered on Steam in both free-to-play and subscription versions. The latter offers an expanded world with more characters, skills, storytelling, and quests to immerse players in themselves.

The news follows RuneScape’s successful debut on Steam, which has welcomed more players than ever before in the world of Jelliner. It received more than 90% positive reviews and 1.85 million unique views of the Steam live stream at launch.

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