Olympia 2022: Germany in ice hockey with defeat against Canada

Olympia 2022: Germany in ice hockey with defeat against Canada
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The men’s ice hockey tournament at the 2022 Olympics has begun: Germany meets Canada and falls horribly under the wheels.

BEIJING – A stark awakening from golden dreams: The German national ice hockey player, who came up with the highest goals, made an accidental false start in his Olympic mission in Beijing. Four years after South Korea’s silver miracle, the German Ice Hockey Association (DEB) selection accepted a 1:5 (0:3, 1:1, 0:1) bankruptcy against Canada at the start of the preliminary round – and the last He missed a lot of what he had given over the years.

1,448 days after the semi-finals in Pyeongchang, in which the German team experienced the emotional climax of their winter fairy tale with a 4:3 victory against the ice hockey homeland, it was all but over. Alex Grant (5th), Munich Dell professional Ben Street (10th) and Daniel Vinnik (11th) gave the world champions a 3-0 lead early on.

It was only from the second third that national coach Tony Soderholm’s team defended themselves, who won 3–1 against Canada in last year’s World Cup. Ex-NHL striker Tobias Rieder (31st) cut short, but Maxim Noro (33rd) destroyed the rapidly rising hopes, with Jordan Weil taking care of the final score (52nd). The next opponent is hosts China on Saturday (9.40 a.m. CET).

painful start

Nine of the 2018 Silver Heroes took to the ice at Wukesong Sports Center in front of 685 spectators, with goaltender Danny Aus Den Birken watching the game from the stand. And they saw a painful start: especially for defender Marko Novak, who went down after a very tough scrutiny from Eric O’Dell. Soon after, Grant scored to make it 0–1, after goalkeeper Mathias Niederberger had lost his racket shortly before. Nowak disappeared into the cabin.

The Canadian caused major problems for captain Moritz Müller & Co. with his tough, no-frills game. A double strike within 32 seconds quickly ensured a clear position. When the third goal was conceded, Niederberger drove the puck into the goal itself. The front men didn’t find their way into the game at all, and four consecutive manpower positions were unsuccessful—until the rider briefly gave up new hope.

Canada is up to the youth – and clearly wins

Without their NHL stars, the Maple Leafs in Beijing rely on European selection and young talent. Captain Eric Stahl shone the most with world champions: The 37-year-old had 1376 NHL games under his belt, was the 2006 Stanley Cup winner and the 2010 gold medalist in Vancouver.

The German team arrived with great confidence and high standards. “Expecting outside is definitely a win,” said captain Mueller before the game, “and that’s what we have.” After a fourth-place finish at the last World Cup, the defender openly spoke of gold in goal form. For the time being, this cannot happen anymore. (SID)

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live ticker

Ice Hockey Olympic Tournament Men 2022, Day 1 of the first match. Canada – Germany: 5:1 (3:0, 1:1, 1:0)

, End Time – The game is over.

, The last minute begins.

, Another good chance for Wolf. But he fails.

, Play the last three minutes.

, Canada did not give up despite a clear lead – six minutes before the end of the game. Very strong game of North Americans.

, 5:1 – That is the judgment. Jordan Weil score. And it is well deserved. Canada is better in every way.

, Ten minutes of play is left.

, Chance for a second goal – but over the puck.

, German players are clearly dissatisfied. Canada is still the best in all respects.

, At the moment there is nothing to indicate that Germany may still turn the game around. 15 minutes of play is left.

, Canada straight ahead. Despite the edge, the favorite will not give up.

, Let’s start with the last trill.

, End of second third. At least one goal for Germany, but looks strong in doubles across Canada. Leadership well qualified.

, Canada is not giving up and is constantly under pressure, now a delicate period for Germany.

, Very difficult game for Germany. Despite the lead, Canada is not giving up.

, Canada is now the better team again. The connection struck by the Germans ended shortly under its influence.

, 4:1 – Canada restores the old distance. Noro got knocked out.

, Germany is now more aggressive in defense.

, 1:3! Connection struck by Tobias Ryder.

, There is just less than ten minutes left in the second third. Hardly any compelling action by the Germans.

, Canada also escaped with a fourth penalty.

, Germany is now better at the game – but still without any goals. Time penalty again against Canada.

, Canada next avoided a penalty.

, The second third begins.

, End of first third. In the end, Germany came out in the better game, but the majority position could not be exploited either.

, A very bitter start to the tournament for Germany. The team is clearly behind at 0:3 after the first third.

, Despite being outnumbered, Germany barely makes it to Canada’s number three spot.

, Another fine against Canada.

, This power play also goes without a goal. Luble had a chance, but he saved it.

, Now majority for Germany. There is just less than five minutes left in the first third.

, After all: a time penalty escaped without a goal conceded. Germany complete again.

, Time penalty against Germany for handicap. Ehlies has to go.

, 3:0 right after. Bitter start for Germany. Daniel Vinnik scored for Canada.

, And it’s happened again. Canada played straight and fast, going 2–0 in the 11th minute of the game. Meets Ben Street.

, Good chance for Germany. But held.

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, Canada clearly started the game better. Niederberger has to intervene repeatedly in the goal.

, 5 minutes – Goal for Canada. Germany’s poor start shot from the blue line. 1-0 Alex Grant.

, Canada with clear actions so far

, game in progress

, It is supposed to begin with the opening game of the German national ice hockey team at the Olympic Games.

+++ 1.25 PM: Arch-rivals Sweden and Finland begin the tournament with victories: Sweden’s ice hockey team has lined up its claim of its tenth Olympic medal. The 1994 and 2006 Olympic champions defeated Latvia 3–2 (1–0, 2–1, 0–1) at their Group C debut in Beijing. Trey Kroner, who had lost to the German team in the quarter-finals in Pyeongchang four years ago, started off strong but worked up a lot of sweat in the end.

Scandinavian arch-rival Finland made a more solid start. The three-time world champion is the first leader of the group, following 6:2 (3:1, 1:1, 1:0) against Slovakia.

+++ 1:11 PM: The direct comparison between Canada and Germany in the Olympic tournament speaks clearly to the North Americans. In four matches, the German team could come out of the ice as the winner only once.

+++ update, 02/10/2022, 09:31 am: National coach Tony Soderholm wishes further improvement in German ice hockey. You should also not skip the training of the players. “We have to produce stronger players,” the 43-year-old Finn said in an interview with Funke Media Group’s newspapers. “The most important thing is not to stand still. Don’t expect it to go away on its own now.”

Olympia 2022: Germany challenges Canada

first report: Beijing – There’s something new here. The cabin looks like it did it again in 2018, and Germany’s ice hockey cracks down on medals in its WhatsApp group even before the Olympic tournament begins. Only four years after the silver coup in Pyeongchang, this time Beijing* should be gold. “Olympics 2022*. But there are a lot of gold medals in it,” told striker Marcel Knoebels in the title of this year’s WhatsApp group, which should show the players their way before the start on Thursday against Canada (2:10 pm /ZDF and Eurosport*). In 2018 the group was called “Mission Gold” – not meant to be taken seriously at the time.

Silver was a sensation four years ago and this year will be the biggest surprise. “We have earned this position,” said captain Moritz Müller, who, like Nobles and eight other players on the German team, was already in South Korea. “It is a new journey for me, a new path. It all starts all over again,” said Muller, who is repeatedly reminded of her Olympic silver in 2018 when walking into the dressing room in Beijing. As before, the team painted “faith, desire, passion” on the cabin wall. “Slogan hung.

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Olympia 2022: German ice hockey team meets Canada

“As far as the team is concerned, it really feels like 2018,” said attacker David Wolf. In the preliminary round against Canada, against hosts China on Saturday (February 12, 2022) and against the USA on Sunday (February 13, 2022), the spirit should now develop that led to the Olympic final and the World Cup four years ago. Led to the semifinals last year.

“The journey is not over yet,” said Marco Sturm, then national coach at Eurosport, looking at the way to silver and the tournament in Beijing: “The team still has many experienced players from 2018. You can now use this advantage for Canada and United. against teams like the States that have been thrown together. We are already one of the favorites in our group.”

Indeed, winning the preliminary round for the fourth World Cup in 2021 and thus qualifying directly to the quarterfinals is a realistic option. However, at first, record Olympic champion Canada would be out to avenge the German “Game of the Century” in the 2018 Olympic semi-finals, when Germany partially performed the ice hockey homeland in 4:3. Germany won the World Cup in Riga last year 3-1 against a Canadian team consisting almost exclusively of NHL players. “The outside expectations are definitely a win. And we expect the same,” said captain Mueller.

Olympia 2022: German ice hockey team confident

Like four years ago, Germany should benefit from the absence of the world’s best players from the NHL. North Americans in particular are again particularly hard hit. In Beijing, the United States is playing almost exclusively with college players, as the league is not taking a break and now getting ready for several games that were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic during the Olympics. “We can be too optimistic,” said national coach Tony Soderholm. “People are ready to take the next step to achieve something bigger.”

Under the 43-year-old Finn, the German team has also become even stronger in terms of play in recent years and has one of the expanding circle of favorites as fifth in the world rankings. Unlike other top nations, even without their own NHL stars, the German team is well rehearsed. “There are a lot of people out of the World Cup and a lot from 2018. They know how to win and how to play successfully,” said longtime NHL defenseman Korbinian Holzer and two-time Stanley Cup winner Tom Kuhnhackel. If you look at the last World Cup and what happened four years ago. We have a great team here.” *There is an offer from fr.de ippn.media.

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